got my holly jolly grill on

Saw the orthodontist Friday.


And if you’re wondering how I ever came up with such a wild and crazy idea because you could never think of that on your own – there’s a website just for you!

On my way home from the ortho office I saw a guy on a bike.


Wonder what that’s all about.

5 thoughts on “got my holly jolly grill on

  1. Wow! The things you see!

    Awwww! Your braces are so pretty. Hope you’re doing well with them. Choosing colors was about the only thing Rebekah ever enjoyed about braces.

    i almost wrecked the car trying to get to my camera so i could get that pic. i couldn’t get a close enough look to see the purpose of that fire, but I’m sure there was one. the braces aren’t too bad. just when they’re tightened…

  2. cameron’s ortho allows the kids the option of another kind of braces (smaller) that come off sooner but most choose not to so they can have the kinds with colored rubber bands! Crazy! Cam gets his off in February!

    I went for the ones that produced the best results in the shortest amount of time. I can’t imagine keeping these on any longer than I have to!

  3. Love the braces!

    How do you manage to always be in just the right place at just the right time for these photos?

    the scary thing is how many i’ve missed because i didn’t have my camera with me!!

  4. We’ve run across this before and found out that there is food being smoked in the little pail on the back of the bike. What we had was possibly smoked fish. We eat a lot of street food and are proud to declare it the worst street food ever.

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