4 thoughts on “these guys are so much cooler than reindeer

  1. That’s too fun. Thanks for sharing. I know this is ignorant, but I was surprised to see it looking so “Christmassy”.

    Love the new background.

    i’m conflicted on the Christmas decorations. part of me loves it, it feels so familiar to see them. but part of me recognizes that they have bought into the commercialism of the holiday. Thailand is only .5% Christian. And I’m sure a good deal of the decorations are because Chiang Mai is home to some many westerners and has a pretty good tourist business.

  2. I wonder if we have any holiday decorations up out in town…I should check that out. LOVE the elephants.

    they are certainly my favorite so far. they are right at the entrance to the mall. made me smile when I saw them. i hope you find some decorations.

  3. How do I make it snow on my blog?

    it took me forever to figure it out. on the left side menu on your dashboard screen click on appearance. and then select extras. on that page is the box to click for add snow. it’s a little hidden.

  4. i like the elephants as well! it must be strange your first Christmas away from your usual snowy environment!

    I know. and not only no snow, but not even a hint of cold!

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