doin’ our own thing

we’ve placed decorating for christmas at the bottom of our priority list.  we’ve made a conscious desicion that next year will be a big decorating year for us and this year will be minimal to non existant. what with shifting house 5 days before the day and all.  plus, i’m a bit worried about where we might store everything when it’s not in use (we have no storage in the new house.)  but i have been buying little things here and there when i see them. only the things we have to have for a proper christmas, of course.  i stopped by a fair trade tribal craft shop and found stockings and a wall hanging.  and some hot pads and oven mitts (for when i have an oven).  and today i found the most fantastic santas made from raw silk.  necessaties, i think you’ll agree.

but there is one thing we won’t have that i think will be greatly missed.  and that’s a tree. they sell artificial trees here.  i’ve seen them several places and been tempted.  and then i remember something must be done with the tree between early january and thanksgiving and i have no idea what that might be. but over the weekend i was struck by genius.

we should have a christmas palm tree.  or maybe a banana tree.  i know, it’s been done before, but not by us.  it would have to be fake and it could be left out all year long.  no storage space needed – other than a few shoe boxes for lights and decorations.  so, i’m thinking i’m brilliant.  and this is gonna be our new tradition.

now i’ve just got to find where i can get a fake palm or banana tree.  wonder if they come pre-lit?

3 thoughts on “doin’ our own thing

  1. Forget necessity, mother’s are the mother’s of invention! Good job. I think it sounds perfect.

    Did you put your things in storage when you moved to Thailand or did you get rid of everything? How are your kids doing with the changes? My children are very attached to their “things”–their first ornament, their christmas stocking, etc. I’m not sure how they would handle such a big change. When we did everything out every year it’s like they’re finding old friends again.

    I think you all are amazing.

    we had a 2 boxes of christmas stuff set to ship here. somewhere between colorado and thailand they disappeared. we’re hoping they were mistakenly put with the stuff for my parent’s house. but i have my doubts about that. included were the must keep ornaments and our stockings i’d made and the santas my mom made. we’re trying to focus on the new year and new traditions.

    i have a horrible tendency to downplay how huge what we’ve done is. (when we went to our premove crazy testing they confirmed that) it’s awful for the kids because i’m constantly acting like it’s no big deal. and that’s so hard on them…

  2. Maybe downplaying is the only way you can cope. I understand it can be hard on the kids, but you have to cope too!

    Thanks for that. It is definitely my coping mechanism. And for the most part it works for me. I guess that’s a good thing.

  3. I don’t see why you have to have an artificial banana tree…go get a tree you can keep in the house all year…instant holiday decorating for ALL of your holidays…New Year’s, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day…just change out the decorations each month (or so) and you have instant holidayification (it could be a word) in your house!!

    The idea is that I would leave the fake up all year round, too. Seeing as I have taken to murdering my indoor plants. Turns out you’re supposed to water them.

    And you’re right I’m certain holidayification is a word. If a librarian says it’s so, it must be.

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