can you get too multi-cultural?

last night we had friends for dinner. i mean we had friends join us for dinner – not that we ate them. our friends are from mongolia and are taking a sabbatical here in chiang mai. so i had to figure out what we’d have for dinner. i certainly couldn’t cook any mongolian type things – that’s way too much pressure. and it couldn’t be anything american – that’s too easy. and certainly nothing thai – nothing special there. so i settled on something hungarian. hungarian paprika chicken.  it was awesome.  made even awesomer by the four culture convergence it caused.  (1)an american family and (2)a mongolian family enjoy a (3)hungarian dinner in (4)thailand.

5 thoughts on “can you get too multi-cultural?

  1. Sounds wonderful! You are so creative. I bet you all had a great evening. I love having friends over for dinner.

    we rarely have company over here. mostly because we live so far out and noone wants to drive to us. but i enjoy it and have sworn we will do it more often once we are convenient!

  2. Wow I am impressed!

    thanks. it really was pretty awesome and i couldn’t even get the right hungarian paprika, the red can stuff that she says makes the magic happen…

  3. No, I don’t think you can get too multicultural; it sounds a perfect mixture.

    it is one of the things that makes this such a fun place to live!

  4. Ah yes, this multiculturalism happens in our family too. We live in Sweden, I am American, hubby is Danish and i go to an international masters program. It’s all quite confusing!

    i would never have imagined myself being so international… it’s very weird to me.

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