i see the moon and the moon sees me


God bless the moon and God bless me

tonight the moon smiled at us.  and his smile was so friendly that jupiter and venus had to get in on the action.  pretty cool.

10 thoughts on “i see the moon and the moon sees me

  1. We saw the moon and planets last night driving back from Oklahoma. Really cool. I think it is supposed to be impressive tonight too?

    well, my last night is your tonight, so maybe? at least i think that’s how it works!

  2. Thank you! We saw them driving to and from Illinois and weren’t sure which planets they were. Whichever they were, they were beautiful! Thanks for solving the mystery.

    and now michael can say he was right. i wasn’t going to put the technical stuff on the post. i just liked the picture, but he said people would want to know. sometimes he can be of use!

  3. You can’t help but smile when the sky is smiling down at you. Bangkok has had just beautiful weather these last few days and the sky has been clear and gorgeous. We were able to watch the three of them for a long time. I bet Chiang Mai is freezing these days!

    it is freezing. and i’m feeling really guilty about thinking it was crazy that they had declared a state of emergency because it was 15… oh, that’s mighty cold!!

  4. This reminds me of that song that goes, Even though I know how far apart we are it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star!

    it’s very cool to know that i see the same sky you see!

  5. It was too cloudy last night. But, very COLD. 😦

    too bad! we’re redefining cold here. mid 50’s is freezing!!

  6. There are always too many lights in Dallas to see anything up in the sky. I am so glad you shared this picture. Yes, it is good to know we can both look up at the sky (yours in daylight, mine in moonlight) and it is the same sky. We can be secure in knowing there is a natural connection.

    colorado gave us a great appreciation for the night sky and now here… it is so much different without all the lights!

    it is very cool that it’s the same sky. it certainly makes things feel not as big and overwhelming!

  7. How do I miss all this stuff? Baku must be the black hole of the universe!

    maybe it’s just gonna display late?? probably not, but maybe…

  8. Hey maybe during the day when I am outside as the students arrive, I can put my hand up to the sky and you can do the same thing in the night sky and we can give each other a high five!

    Is that too creepy, or do I just miss you?

    not creepy. at least i don’t think is is. but i’m trying to figure out what time that would be… if it’s like 8a where you are then it would be like 9pm where i am and it’s do able…

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