names changed to protect the not so innocent

*because i wouldn’t want to embarrass any of my  family members i’m changing all of our names.  we will be known as h, j, q, v & w for the remainder of this post.*

driving home from church tonight j notices v picking his/her nose.  the following conversation is the actual dialogue – i think you’ll see there is no way to improve it.

j – “v, are you picking your nose?”

v- “no”

j – questioning glance

v – “well, sort of”


v – “i was looking for something”

4 thoughts on “names changed to protect the not so innocent

  1. lol KIDS!!! YOu know that culturally it is ok to pick your nose in Thailand… after all these years I still can’t get used to it !

    culturally it may be, but i still think eeewwwww! especially on the motorcyes. pimple pinching and nose picking. uck!!

  2. Why are we all assuming this was one of the children?!? They always get blamed for everything. Now, how funny would this post be if we all assumed it was J and V were Michael and Monica…in any order! 🙂 Just helping to make life a little more funny.

    good point. and i don’t think this will ruin the suspense, but i was neither j nor v. i was driving. with both hands on the wheel – no fingers to spare to stick up my nose…

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