oh, but baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation.

michael and i have our own holiday tradition.  every year we watch when harry met sally.  it was the first movie we saw together.  and we weren’t even dating.  we saw it because several friends told us we had to see it and we had to see it together.  and then 18 months later we started dating.  and 18 months after that we were married.  i’ve always imagined that we could be one of the couples they interview during the movie.

tonight was our first attempt at watching it this year.  one of us made it to the end.  the other meaning not me fell asleep.  we’ll keep at it until we both manage to stay awake.

5 thoughts on “oh, but baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation.

  1. I love that movie. Enjoy. (I do notice I enjoy it less as time goes on. 😉 ) Hopefully he’ll stay awake next time.

    this year i really enjoyed it. laughed and cried. haven’t done that in years.

  2. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the whole movie. I’ll have to check it out.

    you should. it’s one of the best!

  3. I love that movie as well. In fact, my site is named after it. Check it out: http://www.bfmwear.com

    Hope you make it to be one of those couples.

    me, too! but i’m not sure we’re interesting enough! but we were born in the same hospital…

  4. would you believe it – i finally watched that movie a couple of months ago – and ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT!!!!!!
    i think i’ll add it to the Must See Every Pre-Christmas stash!
    mwah X

    i was actually thinking this year that it could be moved to a new years movie! glad you enjoyed.

  5. merry christmas to you all. It’s one of ‘our’ movies too since Dale thinks i can be ‘Sally’ at times. one of our christmas traditions. Our favorite traditional Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation. Always a great laugh. The month of the year I let d6 watch more tv than he should. so many great christmas favorites. thank you, put a great smile on my face.

    and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being sally!! christmas vacation is my brother’s favorite. i think he’s a fan of all the vacation movies!

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