this might freak my parents out…

The Suvarnabhumi Airport has been ordered closed after PAD protesters seized key entrance and other areas. The Airports of Thailand has decided to close the Suvarnabhumi airport after PAD protesters entered passenger terminals.

but i think they should wait to panic.  they’re still 6 weeks out from their trip.  plus, the airport is still accessible and planes are still landing.  you just can’t leave right now.

6 thoughts on “this might freak my parents out…

  1. Details, details. Still, Wow! They like to protest there, don’t they? Here’s hoping things calm down.

    i hope it calms down, too. the damage being done to the country is awful.

  2. Oh dear. Husband is in India and due back through Suvarnabhumi on Friday morning…

    Hope all’s well when your folks come.

    hope your husband makes it home soon. it’s hard to imagine how far reaching this chaos is.

  3. It sucks doesn’t it?? why can planes land and not leave? Am I missing some logic?

    there is part of the equation that doesn’t seem to work, right?

  4. Do you mean that planes can land and take off, but people can’t leave the airport? Or do you mean planes can’t take off? Won’t it get pretty crowded on the tarmac? No panic, yet. Love, Mom

    planes not coming or going. it does seem it could get a bit crowded. but they have closed it all together now.

  5. hi, there. found you through mom, ministry and more blog. I just saw pictures of the airport on CNN, and here you are blogging about it. I thought that was neat.


    and even better you’re a monica and i’m a monica!!

  6. Just joined BATW and am planning a trip to Thailand soon. A little worried about getting there now! We’ve been twice before and am so looking forward to it (coming from Azerbaijan and definitely need the R&R). Stay safe and hope (for both you and me) things calm down soon!

    i do hope they calm down very soon!! hope you have a great visit.

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