no wonder he’s never hungry

this spirit house is located on the main road of our mu baan.


it’s one of the things waan – yes, the dog – will miss terribly once we move.  many people in our mu baan come and place offerings here.  and waan, being the appreciator of offerings that he is, tucks himself right up to that table and has a wee snack of whatever is available.  he’s not overly selective.


and we pretend not to know him.

3 thoughts on “no wonder he’s never hungry

  1. That’s too funny! I would pretend not to know him too!

    i try not to laugh. i’m afraid it will be seen as approval – or even worse acknowledgment that i know him!!

  2. Wow, your readers seem to be speachless. He will have a field day when you move into town. Love, Mom

    moving to town will certainly be a life change for him. he will be stuck in our yard.

  3. Smiling about Waan. Actually laughing. I’d pretend like I didn’t know him too.

    i don’t know what the kids see in him?? of course, it doesn’t help that i’m not a dog fan.

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