closing ceremonies

i finally got around to making michael’s birthday cake cobbler and i’m currently reading barbara kingsolver’s book animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life – which i am enjoying and not enjoying.  it has some great recipes and loads of useful information.  too much useful information for this non veg growing gal and i’m not too proud to say i’ve been skimming.  alot.  but the use what’s local and in season mantra has sunk in and i decided to go with something exotic for the cobbler.  so today i busied myself in the kitchen throwing together a mango cobbler.  and i was a bit worried.  i’ve eaten plenty of raw mango since we’ve been here, but never anything with mango where it’s cooked or baked.  but my concerns were for naught.  it was fine.  actually, it was great!!  crust and all.

and thus ends the birthday week.  what does a birthday week look like?  it looks like this – the opening ceremony was held monday with the actual birthday and dinner at miquel’s.  and today, for the closing ceremony, we had the cake cobbler.  and normally the opening and closing ceremonies are held the same day.  because normally the celebratory desert is ready to go on the day.  but this year i wanted to make it special.

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