my parents are coming in january.  and i wanna be really ready.  more than just the everything unpacked and us all settled in our new house ready.  i wanna already have lots of fun stuff to do and see planned out.  you know, make it an experience for them to remember.  of course, there’s all the touristy stuff to do here and we will definately do our fair share of that.  but my mom’s napped been here once before so she’s already done some of it and i want it to be an all new sensory extravaganza for her.  right now i’ve got two things on the agenda.  and as much as i want to surprise them it’s much more important that i share.

to give you an idea of the fun my mom had the last time she was here i’m including a few pictures.

and i know it’s almost impossible to imagine i could even think there is a way to top that.  but get a load of this.  i’m know it says december, but i can’t imagine it won’t go on into january.

img_4583(a dancing club where adds you a hotness
in the fashionable and elegant atmosphere with
professional dancers who will make
you fascinate in a hot step.)

i’m pretty sure my parents have never added a hotness or fascinated in a hot stop.  (and if they have i’m thinking i don’t want to know about it.)

and if that’s not enough.  well, i know they’ve never done this.  (and again, if they have, no need to share.)


i know i’ve got a long way to go to fill a month, but i think it’s a good start and i’m be keeping my eyes out for any other opportunities that come up.

8 thoughts on “preparations

  1. Everything? Scary.

    I think that sleeping is the best holiday activity ever!

    i’m all for the sleeping, too!!

  2. Oh I’m a big one for sleeping.

    I think your Mum’s going to be so pleased to see those pics. 😀

    she loves those pictures. great memories!

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  4. That is me, PLEASED. Guess I better step up the rehab if we partake in all that hot dancing! We are excited(?) and maybe scared of all your planning. Can’t wait to see you guys. Love, Mom

    you know i love you!

  5. I hope we get lots of Dad sleeping pic’s just to be fair!

    shhh… that’s supposed to be a surprise!! we’ve got hidden cameras all ready to go.

  6. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the plans are. Please let us know when you find out what “everything” is.

    i figure it’s best to save that discovery for my dad. he’s pretty adventurous! i’ll post pics 😀

  7. Wax everything???? Has she canceled her plane ticket? Scary. 🙂

    I know you’ll have a wonderful time.

    canceled her ticket? no way. if i couch it just right it will come across as a challenge and we love a good challenge in my family! 😀

  8. interesting agenda set up! you should be a ‘licensed’ tour guide. looks like you wear people out to exhaustion! you crack me up

    it wouldn’t be any fun if it were a job and i had to do it!!

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