i would have sworn that was the middle east

c14 has a wonderful social studies teacher.  she reminds me of my high school american history teacher.  not because of what they teach, but because of their interest in their students and getting their students interested in learning.  right now the 8th grade is studying southwestern asia.  which i’ve always thought of as part of the middle east.  but it turns out i’m wrong and that i’m not the only one confused about it.

today was field trip day.  and we headed to the teacher’s house to cook and eat.  what kind of food do they cook in southwestern asia?  suprisingly, the menu is very middle eastern.  go figure.  they made hummus, lemon chicken, cucumber salad, lebanese potato salad and mint lemonade.  i was really impressed with the teacher’s organisation and the kids’ great attitudes.  and with how great everything turned out – it was quite tasty.



3 thoughts on “i would have sworn that was the middle east

  1. All the food looks so good!

    Growing up, I was taught it spanned from Egypt to Iran, Syria down to Yemen, so that’s what I go by, and I actually was in the Middle East (Egypt) when I learned that. People tend to forget Egypt is apart of it, or they forget it’s part of Africa.

    they did a great job on the food. it was wonderful.

  2. Azerbaijan is considered Southwestern Asia, but since we are bordered by Iraq I consider it Middle East. Of course the locals consider themselves part of Europe…WHO KNOWS?

    The food here is very Middle Eastern…

    i think the question is how do we get to draw these lines?? 😀

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