sòok-săn wan gèrt

or – even more authentically – it’s สุขสันต์วันเกิด.  but – more understandably – it’s happy birthday.  cuz today is michael’s 38th.  and we partied hard.  as is our usual.

there were very manly, lovely drinks. adults only, please.


pretty girls.  an essential for any good birthday celebration. and this was a good one.


great food – mexican is a favorite.  and rousing card games.


accusations of cheating.

img_4607 img_4622 img_4614

(one of them does look a bit guilty)

and a couple of us were smart enough to just sit back and watch.


it was a lovely evening.  and now i’ve got to do some searching for a good cobbler recipe.  michael’s most uncakey birthday cake of choice.  i’m thinking maybe something tropical.  and, yes, it will be a bit late.  but i prefer to think of it as stretching out the fun.

and just so i get it in one more time today –


5 thoughts on “sòok-săn wan gèrt

  1. Michael needs a birthday week! I love birthday weeks!

    it’s lookin like it might be one. if you’re just counting the days between his actual birthday and the day the cobbler gets done!

  2. Happy birthday mike! ok wow you and chandler look so much a like!!1

    it’s a little scary, isn’t it?

  3. Hope he had a wonderful birthday. It looks like it had all the prerequisites of one.

    i hope he did. i always feel like we under-do it, but he never wants a big tado.

  4. Wow! Didn’t realize I am older than BOTH of you! Happy Birthday, Michael.

    just babies – that’s what we are. of course, he’s much older than me!

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