disaster zone

this news article came into my feed reader today. i thought that those of you who doubted it could get cold here might like some proof that it can, in fact, get disaster zone cold!  i’ve done the conversions at the end for the things that it might be helpful having converted.  chiang rai is about 180 kilometers north of chiang mai.

Chiang Rai declared cold spell disaster zone

CHIANG RAI: — The Chiang Rai provincial administration Friday announced the province as a disaster zone after it has been hit by cold spell for more than five days.

The announcement allowed the Chiang Rai Civil Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office to spend Bt300,000 budget to urgently provide winter clothing to the poor in province.

Suthep Dejchaisri, head of the office, said a province which saw the mercury drop below than 15 Celsius degree for five consecutive day could be declared a cold spell disaster zone.

Suthep said the temperature in Chiang Rai dropped to 12.4 degree Friday and the temperature had dropped bellowed 15 degree for several consecutive days already.

He said about 196,167 Chiang Rai people need about 223,389 blankets.

— The Nation 2008-11-14

180 kilometers – that’s about 111.85 miles

bt300,000 – that’s 300,000 baht, which is equivalent to roughly $8,636.08 us dollars.  at least at today’s exchange rate.

15 celsius – that’s 59 farenheit, which is absolutely, disastrously cold!

12.4 celsius – that’s 54.32 farenheit, which is even colder than absolutely, disastrously cold!!  and deserving of 2 exclamation points.

196,167 chiang rai people need about 223,389 blankets – this is math i do not understand.  because 196,167 chiang rai people is the same thing as 196,167 people any where else in the world.  and 223,389 blankets is 223,389 blankets.  and to me that’s asking for 27,222 more blankets than people.  so obviously, there are some conversions i just don’t understand.

4 thoughts on “disaster zone

  1. The blankets must be the new math. 😉 I’m having a hard time understanding 59 degrees being disastrously cold also. It’s a big chilly, but disastrous?.

    ahhh… new math. now i get it. or rather i still don’t, but…

    they say people actually die from exposure here. now, either that’s true or they’ve discovered i might be a bit gullible!!

  2. Maybe the blankets are small and the people are big? : )

    i have considered that possibility. or maybe they’re making pallets and such.

  3. Miss Klinsiek would be SO proud of your math…and Miss Brock of your science. Wow, betcha didn’t think I would remember did ya’?!?

    i am amazed! i remember them know that you reminded me, but i never would have gotten them on my own!

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