i wouldn’t have believed it

if i hadn’t seen it.  and felt it.  look what a11 wore to bed the other night.

img_4562 img_4561

and, yes, that is two layers she’s wearing! i’ve actually heard the words “record setting” used to describe this year’s cold season.

funny thing is the other morning it was 16 – that’s celsius.  and i was freezing.  i had on my hoodie seatshirt and thick socks.  and then i entered 16 degrees into the temperature converter i have on my computer and it said in farenheit that’s the same thing as 60 degrees.  hmmm…  i guess maybe i’m acclimating?

6 thoughts on “i wouldn’t have believed it

  1. That’s so funny. You hear about it, you know it happens, but I still wouldn’t expect it to happen to me either. Soon I’ll be wishing for 60!

    i figured it would take years and years!

  2. I remember after I’d been in SE Asia for a few years, and I had moved up to Sisaket. My parents were coming for Christmas, and I told them it was COLD, so bring long sleeved stuff, light jackets, etc. I was sleeping in a heavy sleeping bag at night so it was COLD right? When they arrived, they sweated and sweated, and kept complaining about how I had told them it was cold – and it was HOT. haha – ah well, acclimitisation – it’s a good thing!

    my parents are coming and i’ve been wondering if i should warn them about the cold – but then remember that we weren’t cold at all when we got here during cold season last year.

  3. Last night it was 29 degrees farenheit here. Why do I live in a place that gets so cold????? And it isn’t even winter! ACK!

    i loved the cold in colorado. it wasn’t uncommon for us to sleep with the window cracked and the fan on and pile on all the blankets we could! of course, michael was always first up and he would close the window and turn off the fan so i could stand to get out of bed!

  4. 61 degrees is so not that cold LOL, but that’s coming from a Michigan girl, even though I did live in Thailand too! I actually kept my room on 16 constantly, and the maid would have to turn the air off in the morning after I left for school, just to go in and clean later. Guess I’ve always been a little cold blooded 🙂

    i love sleeping in the cold. i’m just a bit amazed that i’m finding this to be cold!

  5. you’re cold because you’re skinny!!!!!!!! 🙂

    maybe… or maybe like white is the new black 60 is the new freezing!

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