for the one person who asked

here’s a current picture of me.  the shirt i’m wearing was actually too tight on me when we moved.  and now it’s too big.  woo hoo!


and, yes, that is the best recent picture of me that i have.  it’s also the only.

14 thoughts on “for the one person who asked

  1. You do look great. Maybe I’ll have to try the Thailand diet. Something tells me it could be a little difficult in my mid-west suburb. What did you decide about the clothes?

    yeah, i’m not sure i would have had success had i access to all the casseroles and cheesy dishes i love!!

    right now i’m compromising on the clothes. just today our maebaan is taking away my stuff that is just way to big to do anything with! and as i’m able to replace my wardrobe i’ll be getting rid of more. thanks for asking.

  2. You do look great. Send me size info before January and Mimi and I might have to go shopping. Congrats on a great accomplishment. Love, Mom

    i think the number one thing i could use from you guys is undergarments. but i’ve gotten to the point where i can buy stuff here, which feels great!

  3. Thank you! You look like when I first met you at the New Years Eve Party! You wore pink plaid shorts and a hot pink sweater! Dont ask why I remember what you wore! YOu look soo good!!!

    i remember that outfit! i thought it was so cool! tights and all. thanks!!

  4. wow!!! you look fantastic. love to hear how you did it so fast and hopefully healthy!!! you give me great hope

    other than the 5 i lost to dengue and the 5 or so from braces it’s all been really easy. but i think i’m gonna start working on it. try to get rid of the last few… and by few i mean 30 or so!


    i’m a drastic measure kind of gal! 😀

  6. You look great. I know you are very proud of yourself.

    i’ll be prouder if i can keep it off.

  7. By the way my husband wants to know if you have mono?

    hardy, har, har… but that was a good skinny year for me!

  8. This is the first blog I have ever commented on that didn’t belong to someone I know in real life, so I’m not sure if this crosses the line. Here it goes…

    You look ages younger than you when I first started reading your blog a few weeks ago! In one of the first photos that I saw, I put you in your mid fourties. I was surprised, when following a link to your husband’s blog, I discovered you were 37. The weight loss has reversed the aging process so much, I actually thought it was a picture of one of your kids!

    • thank you so much! no lines crossed. a picture of one of my kids. that’s a great complement. I think some of my earlier pictures also suffered from stress. not the pictures so much, just me. but I do think the weight loss has been very good for me. and not just health wise.

      what’s your timeline for your move? I would ask you on your own blog, but since you say your in the planning stages, I don’t know if all your blog readers (family/friends) know you’re planning.

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