tim tam slam

or rather how i’m gonna end up gaining back all the weight i’ve lost.


being from america i’d never heard of a tim tam before.  much less eaten one.  they’re from australia.  they also come from indonesia, but those in the know have informed me that the australian ones are the real deal and the ones from indonesia are poor imitations.  

this weekend on the field trip i had my first ever tim tam.  and i was amazed.  it was so good.  and when i shared that i’d never, ever had a tim tam before everyone within ear shot passed out from shock.  once revived they all simultaneously asked, “so, you’ve never had a tim tam slam?”  and i answered, “a what?”  and immediately i was instructed how they’re done and that i could not survive another day without trying it out!

i managed to make it 2 days before i purchased some tim tams.  australian ones.  and i came straight home from the store, poured myself a cup of coffee, bit off the corners of the tim tam and sucked coffee through it.  and all i could say was, “WOW!”  

and then i did it again.  

and again.

8 thoughts on “tim tam slam

  1. You are a woman after my own heart. Thank goodness they are available in NZ as well. (Unlike Arnotts Yo-Yo biscuits and Farmers Union Iced Coffee…but I’ll survive. Sigh.)

    know i’m wondering what other delicacies are out there i have never heard of!

  2. OMG. I’ve never had a tim tam before but then I’m English… I guess it’s the same thing I do with custard creams… With tea, obviously not coffee – because I’m English. I’m afraid I gave up my custard cream slam habit a long time ago.

    i’m unsure what custard creams are. but i’m pretty sure i’m gonna have to nip this tim tam slam thing in the bud before it becomes a habit!

  3. So, give us some idea of what one tastes like for those of us who will likely never taste ‘the real deal’. Glad you found a treat worth having. We all need some of those.

    i think the important part is much more than the taste. which is wonderful. it’s after you suck the coffee through and the cookie part gets all soft and you quickly toss it in your mouth and it just melts on your tongue. and it’s heaven. truly. i think i’ve found my i’m feeling sorry for myself go to treat!

  4. I am madly in love with Tim Tams. My Australian friend introduced them to me, and luckily you can buy them in St. Louis too. So I can always get some! Except it’s probably more than I should be paying for chocolate that I finish in…seconds. Yeah.

    but as an occasional treat? who could blame you for paying a bit more.

  5. Oprah had Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman on, the other day, talking about their movie, and they introduced them to oprah. I’d never heard of them until now either

    those aussies know what they’re talking about!!

  6. Oooo! I’m going to be on the look out for tim tams. I have a friend from Austrailia here in Baku. I wonder if he’s heard of them.

    i’m sure he has. i’m thinking it would be tragic for an australian not to be in the know!

  7. lol, we learned the tim tam slam about tem or fifteen years ago,
    i think that’s what sealed the deal on “short black” coffees –
    having to EAT sweetness with coffee rather than putting milk and sugar IN it lol
    mwah X

    very good. you don’t need all that much coffee for it. i managed to not eat all the tim tams the other night. i dreamed about them last night!

  8. hmmm.. sounds interesting, wish you would have told me a few weeks ago. my husband’s australian family flew to america just last week! we will see them in Tx at Thanksgiving. love to try them.

    maybe they could mail you some… i wonder if you can get them at world market?

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