something to look forward to

sometimes it’s the little things that  get  me  all excited and this weekend after an outing with a11 she pointed out one of them.  and then she mentioned that i might be weird.  not in a disrespectful way mind you.  more of in an “i’m concerned about you and maybe we should find you some help” kind of way.

see we had been out shopping for our christmas angel child.  we’d managed to find what they wanted plus a few extras.  and while this did make me feel good it isn’t what put a spring in my step.  as we were walking to the car someone starts following us.  and i start to get that little thrill down my spine that i always get when someone is following me in their car in a parkig lot.  not the “oh my, a stalker is on my tail” kind of thrill – i’m talking about the “they want my parking spot” kind of thrill.   i mean this is the kind of thing that can turn the suckiest of days into a amazingly wonderful bluebirds start singing kind of day.  it makes me fantabulously happy when someone wants my parking spot.  when i get in my car and am pulling out of my spot if i happen to notice someone waiting for my spot i can’t wipe the smile off my face i get so happy.  and if they happen to follow me to my spot because they want it so badly.  well, that’s like winning a lottery. it’s amazing.  and i’ve never felt like it was odd or strange that i had this reaction.  at least not until a11 pointed out that she didn’t believe this was at all normal.

but i think it might be contageous.  because on our way home from the store we happened to stop by the open air market and as we were pulling out of the parking lot i noticed a smile creep across a11’s face.  and i heard her quietly say, “someone took our spot.”  smile worthy, indeed.

in other news – i got an email today from my mom today.  actually two.  they were forwards of the iteneraries for my mom & dad’s trip to visit us in january.  they aren’t flying together.  they’re very much like the president and vice president of the united states.  too risky to have them on the same flight.  they get here a day apart.  i think i might make a couple of those construction paper chains for the count down to their arrivals.  i was talking with s9 about how it will have been over a year since we last saw my dad (my mom visited this last may) and how neat it will be to have them around. and what all things we could possibly do.  when i reminded s9 that he and his brother and sister would still have to go to school he said, “oh, yeah.  well, it will still be great to see them.”

3 thoughts on “something to look forward to

  1. That will be so fun with your parents. I hope you have a great time. I understand not wanting to be on the same flight, but for such a long flight, I can’t imagine being alone even more.

    Isn’t it fun when you find some personality trait (quirk?) you’ve passed on to your kids. Now you and A11 have something to share.

    i know. i made that flight alone, but only because i had no choice. but they will be good and we all can’t wait!

  2. The parking space thing IS a little wierd but cute too. 🙂

    at least it’s cute 🙂 i think as long as it can be categorized as a quirk it will stay cute!

  3. I love the idea your parents are like the President and Vice-President. That is just TOO funny….so who is who…I could guess, because I’ve known them so long…I see mom as President! 🙂 Sorry dad!

    i’m thinking dad knows he’s really the vice president… 😉

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