fourth grade field trip

*this is a photo heavy post.  sorry about that, but i didn’t want to leave anything out!  i’ve uploaded many more pictures from the field trip to flickr.

the field trip was scheduled to start at 8am friday morning.  and at 8:15am the bus pulled out of the parking lot.

lahuvillagebusup lahuvillagesambusup

i think that’s pretty impressive considering there were 80 gajillion parents hopping on and off the bus to check on their kids and then the kids were hopping off and on for one last hug from their parents.

four hours and four pit stops later we arrived at the village.

lahuvillagegirls lahuvillagespectacle

our kids got a look at the house the girls would be staying at and the lahu kids got a look at us.

this is where we extra moms headed out to find a place to stay and the kids were split into groups for the day’s activities.  on our way out i did manage to get a picture of the group that was getting ready to plant vegetables and the area they were planting in.


the first place we (the moms) looked – i might not should say we, because i was sort of just along for the ride at this point – was a wat.  and it just so happened there were some goings on at the wat on friday.  so i stayed and watched the dancers while the other moms went room hunting.

lahuvillagewat lahuvillagewat2

but there were no rooms to be had at the wat so we searched some more.  they found a lovely chalet right on the banks of the river.  we got checked in and rested for a bit and then went out in search of food.

after we had eaten we invited ourselves back to the village to check on the kids.  we got there just as they were wrapping up the s’mores making.  s’mores are not a traditional lahu snack.  it was just a small taste of american culture our kids wanted to share with them.


then we got to watch – and some even participated in –  some traditional lahu dancing.

lahuvillagedancing lahuvillagedancing2

then it was time to hit the hay.  the boys headed over to their house that was all mosquito netted up.

lahuvillageboyshouse2 lahuvillagemosquito

we headed back to our hotel and i promptly fell asleep.  the next morning we arrived back at the village – this time invited – in time for the hike and orange picking and the lahu tribe’s thanksgiving celebration.  then it was time to eat a little lunch and load our dirty legged kids onto the bus for the trip back home.

lahuvillagehikeorange lahuvillageorange

lahuvillagemombaby lahuvillagethanksgiving

lahuvillagethanksgivingdinner lahuvillagehome

9 thoughts on “fourth grade field trip

  1. How cool! I am so glad you crashed the party. I love all of the pictures. I know I would have wanted to sleep in my car in order to stay closer so I could tak emore pictures. What an awesome experience. Good for you, mom…I mean Monica! 🙂

    yeah, i’m really thinking there was no keeping me away. i almost offered to pay one of the other villagers to let me homestay at their house. but i wasn’t sure how appreciated that would be!!

  2. It looks wonderful. Dirty legged kid indeed! I bet they loved the S’mores. That’s great that you didn’t let yourself be driven away! So much fun!

    it was a blast! a very cool experience.

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  4. sounds like such an experience! way cooler than anything here!

    i often think things like this could never happen in the states. too many risks…

  5. I so would have asked someone to let me stay, if I had been there with you, but probably not on my own…good call! Next time, let me know and WE will ask someone to let us stay with them…kind of like the Griswold family in European vacation…could have been a blast!! 🙂

    yeah, wonder how long it would take them to recover? last time i lived in the same building as you i ended up with stitches in my nose! 😀

  6. What a great experience. I’d love to do something like this here in Azerbaijan, but I don’t think I’d ever talk Scott in to it.

    i’m hoping to find something like this for us to do as a family. like a short term mission trip. it would be so good for all of us!

  7. Yeah, but we DID take you to the hospital…we MIGHT be more careful now, don’t you think?!? No, probably not! It’s us. 🙂

    no we wouldn’t, we’re moms now. we would say oh that’s not so serious and have a margarita!

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