weekend pictures

here’s a few teaser pictures from this weekend.  posts to come with all the details of both these events during the week.  but i’m still recovering.

field trip to the lahu village –

hotelviewearly morning view from our hotel room

lahuvillagehikeview from the hike through the lahu village

lahuvillageboyshousethai style house that slept 16 boys

the fire hazard that is loy krathong

loykrathongfamily1our family releasing a lantern

loykrathongmaejothousands of lanterns in the sky (wish i’d thought to bring the tripod)

9 thoughts on “weekend pictures

  1. That picture of the lanterns is truly awe-inspiring. Wow!

    The scenery is breath taking. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    it certainly makes us glad we made the move!!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love the last one of the lanterns. How very cool!

    thanks! the lanterns were a very neat experience. glad we went. we wavered since some of us were a bit tired from the field trip.

  3. Great pictures, beautiful! Glad you are having fun and making the most of things.

    thanks angie!! you should blog, or post pics of germany. i would love to see!

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