it’s late and i’m tired

have you ever had one of those weekends where you volunteered to be a chaperon for a field trip, but you were ignored – i mean like your offer was never acknowledged?  and it turns out no chaperons were needed because the teacher had asked the parents that are already friends of her family to go with?  but you go anyway.  and the teacher knows your going and after you ride 4 hours and show up and help with the unloading you’re summarily dismissed? well, if you haven’t i can tell you all about it.  and once i’m in better spirits i’ll also tell you how fun it was and how we crashed and participated anyway.

and then – once we got home – the family participated in our first loy krathong lantern release. it was very cool.

4 thoughts on “it’s late and i’m tired

  1. I am so glad you crashed anyway!

    and I hope your family had fun at the lantern release!

    it was way cool. but i still get mad over the whole field trip thing… grrrr

  2. sounds fun! cant wait to hear all about it!

    tomorrow i’ll tell about the field trip. there are still loy krathong happenings here so i might wait until later in the week. or i’ll make it two posts…

  3. I am very glad you had the determination to go anyway. It sounds wonderful. What was wrong with that teacher?????

    i’ve moved on from my anger into giving her the benefit of the doubt. this is the first year the fourth grade has done an overnight, so i’m now going with she was doing her best. that’s a big step for me!

  4. Oh fooey. Miscommunication? Or just zero communication?

    i’m going for learning curve… but miscommunication is certainly an option.

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