manly men

that’s what i’ve got living with me.  s9 started basketball practice today.  he’s got mad skillz.  the coach of the under 11s had to be impressed with their ability to handle the higher level b-ball drills.


look at those moves.


floats like a butterfly stings like a bee.  wrong sport?  works any way.


wonder if i’ll be so tickled about basketball season at early saturday morning practices?

and rugby is still going full force.  rugby makes me wish i had hot water to my washing machine.





6 thoughts on “manly men

  1. Will your new house have hot water to the washing machine? I hope so. Great pictures.

    nope, no hot water to the washing machine… or the kitchen sink!

  2. Jack is in Lacrosse I love until Sat. early morning games! I love chandlers hair!!!!

    i have no idea when the games will be. i know there’s a few tournaments… it’s the youngest kids drawing the 8a practice that kills me. of course, if i didn’t have one in that age group i’d be all for it!

  3. Hi Monica.

    Would you be willing to be our hostess for Thailand on Blog Around the World next week. I was thinking Tuesday, November 11. Shoot me an email letting me know if you would be interested. I know I’d love to hear about where you live!

    that would be great. i will email.

  4. Miss those boys…wish I could watch some of their games…

    i might possibly get to see a rugby game soon… i’m a little nervous. i’m gonna try not to scream “be careful, they’re coming” constantly.

  5. *I don’t think he cares about his socks HAHAHAHA, You so funny!

    thanks 😉 the funny thing is that our maebaan does care about his socks and she has scrubbed the daylights out of those socks. they’re still very brown.

  6. they seem very happy and all BOY! mine is in karate and loving it.

    yes, they are very happy! glad he’s loving karate, i bet he’s pretty good at it.

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