what was i doing the moment the world changed?

getting a full body massage.  and specifically – at the exact moment i heard – the charming thai masseuse was using all the force she could muster to dig her elbow into the small of my back.

and what do i think about this change?

well, i wasn’t surprised.  and so far nothing’s changed.  come january will it?  who knows.  but i’m a “the proof is in the pudding” kinda gal.  so until then…

4 thoughts on “what was i doing the moment the world changed?

  1. I have to respectfully disagree. I think there has been a major change. My children will never grow up in the same world I do. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream took a huge step forward. All things are truly possible for anyone. I think having an African-American family in the whitehouse will truly invoke it’s own major changes. It’s not why I voted for him, I think there are other major positive changes ahead, but I do think the world majorly changed last night in helping my children stay color blind.

    no problem at all with the disagreeing 😉
    i think living someplace where i haven’t been breathing in election propaganda for the last 11 months has had it’s effects. and i think this election i have been indifferent to both candidates. i think it’s great that a black man has been elected president. but, it will be truly great if the man elected president turns out to be a great president.

    and no worries, i’m not expecting big changes like the second he’s sworn in. maybe the next day… i’m sure it will take a while.

  2. Linda was in Chicago over the weekend and on Tuesday for a conference. She was staying in Obama’s hotel, the Hyatt Regency downtown. Unfortunately, due to the strict security, she was not able to get pictures. There were literally 10s of thousands of people outside the hotel. The police had the streets barricaded and everything.

    I was there over the weekend but unfortunately did not have enough vacation to join the 150k throng of people crowding Grant Park for Obama’s victory speech. Even watching on television, it was very stirring.

    Oprah and Jessie Jackson cried, so that tells you something.

    Obama looks and sounds like a guy who could transcend tradtional politics and truly make a difference, especially when it comes to stuff at home. We will see in time.

    On another note, Chicago, suprisingly, is a very clean and walkable city. People are out in the parks with their kids. People are shopping downtown. They actually have department, grocery, and boutique stores that are not run down from the 60s.

    I walked from the convention center to the museum district, once to go to the Planetarium and once to watch the Bears play at Soldier Field. And I felt completely normal walking and not driving. We don’t do that as much in TX, prob because it is so hot most of the year. I loved Chicago and if it weren’t so cold in the winter, wouldn’t mind living there.

    i’ve been to chicago once – in the 80’s – and i remember nothing of it. just another town.

    i really do feel like it’s a big wait and see for O’Bama. I think many people are going to be disappointed. Not by any fault of his own, but because it seems there is an expectation that he can fix it all and fix it now.

    aren’t you guys close to baby time?

  3. Dec 27th is the day. But the Dr. wants to induce early and I agree with him based on the last experience. It may end up being a mid-december baby. Either way I don’t care but I am very excited to see the day.

    Mattie named the baby Alex Robert. She was so insistent, that we had no choice but to agree 🙂

    I will send pics when the day comes.

    oh, a11 is the 19th… wonder why she’s determined have that name. it is a very nice name!

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