decisions, decisions, decisions

and here fine people is one more nablopomo post about nothing.  just like i promised.  look at me.  keepin’ on keepin’ on.


i’m not the biggest of risk takers. and i’m also not the most decisive person you’ll ever meet. while my current dilemma might not appear to be all that risky i could be left naked.  and that’s not good for anyone.

since our move to thailand (i know, i just said i’m not a risk taker and then i said we moved to thailand, so?)  i’ve lost FIFTY pounds.  which means i’ve got a closet full of clothes that do not fit.  and they’re not just a little big, they are way. too. big.

but the question is do i get rid of them or keep them?  with our impending house move that includes a lack of storage – have i mentioned that there is not one closet in the new place – it would be a great time to purge.  and part of me is all for it.  get rid of it.  i don’t need it!  i have no place to put it and i can’t wear it so let it go.  but…

what if i gain the weight back?  i still struggle to find clothes that fit me without the 50 pounds, i’m thinking it would be impossible to find anything bigger.

13 thoughts on “decisions, decisions, decisions

  1. I would struggle with this one too. My 20/20 hindsight, for me, which I’m not saying in any way is like you, because obviously I have no idea, would be to save them. Unfortunately, I’ve always gained it back. I hope you don’t. Good luck deciding.

    that’s what makes it hard. i’ve always gained it back, too… ugh!

  2. Hey, I’ve had the same dilemma. If you have some things you really like, get a tailor to adjust them if you can. Then you can always adjust back if need be! Otherwise – dump it. I’m all about purging accumulated stuff!

    good idea. i’m not totally in love with anything so it should be easy, right?

  3. wow! 50 pounds that is great! hope you are feeling better!

    thanks! i am. a bit weak, but definitely on the mend!

  4. good for you on the weight loss! We never had closets either, when we lived in Thailand, we had to buy our own! I would dump it, then you have more incentive to keep the weight off! Then go to a tailor and have a nice dress or something made as a gift to yourself!

    i keep thinking i should find a tailor, but haven’t yet…

  5. WOW! I am sooooo impressed. I agree: don’t keep them. More incentive to keep it off.

    Now I just have to follow my own advice…

    it is one of those easier said than done things, isn’t it?

  6. What a nice little dilemna to have. I too have lost 10kg of weight since moving to sweden in July (American car-driving habits are baaaad) and must buy new pants when I visit the US for Christmas. Swedish food is nasty, so losing weight wasn’t hard for me. But with THAI FOOD it must be so much more difficult!

    i’m chalking the weight loss up to more walking/less driving and thai food. it’s yummy, but not gravy laden or fried so much…

    congratulations on the 10kg!!

  7. Get thee to a tailor! If the clothes can’t be tailored to fit then chuck ’em

    i haven’t even worn the jeans and sweaters since we moved. everyone keeps saying i will soon, but i’m thinking not.

  8. Get rid of the clothes that can’t be tailored. Even thinking about gaining the weight back is not an option!

    but, but, but… it’s so hard to not think about it.

  9. here’s the trick.
    if ya have ONLY clothes that fit ya, then IF ya feel them a tad too tight, it’ll take a week to get back down to the New Monica size again.
    if ya keep the Too Bigs in the wardrobe then you can “eat all the pies” (that is a kiwi-ism for over eating).

    do ya sew?
    you could have a ton of fun hacking up the Nasty Old Stuff and refashioning it???
    or did ya say there is a fabulous tailor-chick living nearby?
    soz i can’t remember.
    oh i have just read the other comments, so maybe…

    there are tailors everywhere… and i can always use a new bag! but there’s also a little fear in the leaving it all behind. but i’m thinking that’s what i’ve got to do!

    and turn the jeans into bags!
    you can hand sew these babies – your kids would probably LOVE to do it!!! mine did/do…
    mwah X

  10. wow, fifty?!?!?!?!?!? how did you do it??? I thought you looked great in pics but I never imagined that much (or that you had that much extra!) I agree with everyone who says dump the big stuff, because it’s too easy then to cheat and wear it if you gain a bit. better to feel the pain of a tight waistband and have that reminder to wait to eat Cheetos until it’s not tight anymore 😉 congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

    yep, and i could stand to lose another 20 or so… i’m gonna do clothes sorting next week and bite the bullet and get rid of stuff!!

  11. Hey you’re nablopomo-ing…me too 🙂 Thanks for dropping in today; you must feel good but WOW 50lbs is a lot. Are you ok?!!

    hello!! i am trying to nablopomo. so far so good! i’m loving reading of your adventures in india – it sounds so exciting and terrifying!

  12. i agree. toss them or tailor them. love to know what you did to lose so much and quickly!!! i’m so happy for you!!

    my big secret? moved to thailand. no more casseroles and such!

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