compassion international – the dominican republic

i’m frequently asked who my husband works for.  and when i answer, “compassion international” more often than not the reply is “who are they?” or “what do they do?”  and i do my best to answer, but usually feel i come up short trying to explain it.  i always think there has to be a way to make my answer more real.  a way to make my answer move them to want to participate.  to want to sponsor a child.

well, for the next 5 days (nov 2 – nov 7) compassion international has taken 6 bloggers to the dominican republic to experience first hand the work of compassion international.  and they will be sharing that experience on their blogs.  you can get links to their blog posts at the compassion dominican trip page.  i encourage you to check back daily and follow their trip.  and sponsor a child.  because that’s really what it’s all about.

i’m gonna go ahead and include the links to their blogs here.  just in case it encourages you to check out what’s going on.

jennifer donovan at 5 minutes for mom

the marlboro man at the pioneer woman (yes, ree’s marlboro man, is there another?)

mary ostyn at owl haven

melanie at the big mama blog

nick challies

tim challies

the trip is being lead by

brian seay and shaun groves

to keep up with some of compassions going ons you can also check out compassion’s blog on child poverty.

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