haiku friday – no halloween


no costumes needed
haven’t stocked up on candy
no trick-r-treat plans

our first halloween
in the kingdom of thailand
certainly diff’rent


~~~~~bonus naplopomo haiku~~~~~

i did it last year
post thirty days in a row
gonna try again

8 thoughts on “haiku friday – no halloween

  1. wow this popped up as I was reading and writing on your blog! i am guessing you just posted. we are on our way to see cam for the weekend! wish us luck. glad you are better sorry about the no halloween however that is one holiday i can live without, we have a young john lennon this year!

    you’ll have to tell me how the visit went. the kids are having a carnival at school, so that should be fun.

  2. How are your kids coping with things being so different? Mine would be bereft. They love the dressing up. Jacob loves the candy even more.

    I’m thinking about Noblopomo’ing. We’ll see. I’ll enjoy reading yours though!

    mine are really all old enough for the candy to hold all the appeal. the youngest still enjoys dressing up and has chosen a costume for this year. something not too obviously costume-y.
    apparantly in bangkok they do halloween…

  3. I’m with Mom24. This is one holiday I could pass up BUT the kiddos love dressing up!

    Oooh! I’ve seen this noblopomo thing around. Maybe I’ll go check this one out!

    i feel the same about halloween!

    i did nablopomo last year when i was brand new to blogging. it was good to get me into the practice of everyday.

  4. We did Halloween Trick or treating in Thailand, we took our maid’s 5 yr old! I’m guessing your area isn’t so much of an ex-pat community.

    no, we sort of chose to stay out of the ex-pat hubs around here. i’m sure there are neighborhoods doing stuff, but i’m okay with not finding out 😉

  5. Ah, I understand that feeling!
    No Trick or Treating in Holland either, but in a couple of weeks they have a holiday where the children get to go sing on doorsteps and get treats from neighbors, so we share in that cultural exchange!

    there’s a holiday coming up here, too. no going door to door, but still i think a neat thing to experience!

  6. Yeah it was strange this year in Belgium too, although they do do a bit of spooky stuff, mostly for commercial purposes.

    i don’t like the spooky stuff… creeps me out!

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