diagnosis unknown

so, here’s what we do know.

  • it’s not hepatitis.  i never thought it was, had all those shots and stuff.
  • it’s not dengue.  michael thinks the results of the blood test are wrong.  he’s certain of it.  i think he’s wrong.

but that’s all we know.  the nurse who took my blood tried to entice me with an offer of smelling salts.  i resisted that temptation and stayed conscious.  i also passed up the offer of hospitalization and iv fluids.  i have been instructed to only eat clean food.  and while that puts a real crimp in my style, i’m gonna give it a go.

8 thoughts on “diagnosis unknown

  1. sorry you’re so ill! did they test you for chikungunya? I can’t remember if they have it in Thailand, but in Sri Lanka we had a very severe outbreak last year – and it mimics dengue.

    do hope you are better soon!

    i’ve never heard of chikungunya, but it sounds exotic! i am feeling better. thanks.

  2. Oh my. Hope they figure it out soon. But you aren’t preggers, right?

    whoo boy! that would be a diagnosis i wasn’t lookin’ for!! 😀

  3. okay what is “clean food”, you must be really sick to have missed bloging for 3 days! Hope you feel well soon!

    i know. but they don’t seem to recognize lack of blog posts as a symptom…

  4. Clean foods, eh? I guess they never heard of the 3 second rule…….

    Get well soon!

    is chocolate considered clean food?

    i thought it was the 30 second rule!

    and i think chocolate is better than clean!

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