house would probably kill me

like when he and foreman killed the girl who had a staph infection. cuz whatever i’ve got is probably some normal, everyday kind of thing, but he’d be looking for some exotic tropical something or other and treat me for it and then i’d be dead.

i was up and feeling better for about 1/2 the day friday. now i’m not.

12 thoughts on “house would probably kill me

  1. I know how rotten it is to be sick. I hope you are feeling up and like yourself very soon. I will be thinking about you.

    thanks, kristi!

  2. i am with your mom? I know doctors there can be scary but you can do it!

    i did it. and they know nothing.

  3. I’m sorry you are not feeling better. I’ll add my vote to see a doctor, just maybe not House. 🙂 Feel better.

    okay, okay. dr it is. but wasn’t too helpful.

  4. Bummer, I understand you are not feeling like yourself lately. May I ask, who it is you do feel like?


    ah, never mind, just get better……

    yeah, yeah, yeah…

  5. very nice blog site. I found you some how looking for things on our sons irth defects well one of them esophageal atresia and down syndrome and tracheomalacia and so on. Anyways very wonderful, I wish you all the best.

    thanks, kayla!

  6. I guess you must really feel horrible. You haven’t been online in days. Get better soon.

    i know that is a big time tell. i have to be really sick to not be online…

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