that’s why the “ex” in ex-pat

*warning for winey – get out the smelling salts and start waving them under your nose.  because either you or hubby will most likely need them.*

the other day s9 and a11 were playing with their friends on the playground at school.  when s9 noticed that one of a11’s friends was wearing a flag as a do rag – i happen to hate the whole flag as a do rag thing, seems so disrespectful – and he loudly said to the friend, “wow, that’s cool.  you have an american flag on your head.”

everyone came to a stand still.

i don’t have a picture of the actual do rag, but i can show you the flag.

which is the flag of thailand and not the same as this flag

sure the colors are the same.  red, white and blue.  but really, what kind of americans are we that our son could confuse these two flags?

for the past week or so i have been quizzing the kids on their american flag knowledge.  how many stripes?  13.  why 13 stripes? they represent the 13 original colonies.  how many stars? 50.  why 50 stars? one for each state in the united states of america.  and they all three knew these answers without any prodding.

but that wasn’t enough.  i asked them to sing the national anthem.  and they could.  then i had them say the pledge of allegiance.  no problems.  so it seems it was just a temporary lapse of something on s9’s part.  he assures me it will never, ever happen again.  and our new house is close enough to the american consulate that we could walk or bike ride by it daily so the kids can have a gander at ol’ glory.

maybe we should make it twice a day.

7 thoughts on “that’s why the “ex” in ex-pat

  1. That kind of thing would make my heart stop…for a minute. As a reader though? It’s easy to see it wasn’t a big deal–definitely a momentary lapse. Not a big deal. Still, I think I’d be walking them by it as well…at least once a day. 😉

    i know. not really such a big deal, but still a little scary 😉

  2. Thanks for the warning/disclaimer at the top.

    I love that boy! He is always good for some comic relief.

    I think it is not necessarily the recognition for s8. I think he just doesn’t have the filter that stops him from blurting out what comes into his head yet.

    I really do think you all will be good! Once a day should be fine.

    we’ve given up on filter development in him. we’re just embracing the whole boy!

  3. Oh, this is such a contextual faux pas!!! Kids make snap judgments because everything that easy is so black and white (I mean, red, white and blue!) for them!!! Instead of worrying how they’ll recognize our flag (you already said they know everything about it!), show them the differences:
    . Have them point out the differences, similarities, and hey, what does Saudi Arabia mean by all that armour, anyway? Why do Scandinavian countries’ flags have a related theme?? Why do New Zealand and Fiji have UK Flags incorporated in theirs??? Ask who’s flag is most like ours (I think Liberia) and then have them research, why??? This is such a great learning moment… I think I’ll use it on my (college-aged) kids, too!!!!

    of course, what’s even better is he’s my color blind child!!

  4. Thanks for stoping by on my BATW tour day, sorry I’m so late getting over here !

    late? you’re always right on time here!

  5. great idea… america rocks and america misses you guys. sounds like you have not lost that loving ‘american’ feeling.

    miss you, too!

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