haiku friday – sick


fever and headache
these are symptoms of dengue
that’s what wiki says

how quickly i jump
to worst case scenarios
needlessly worried

who knows what i had
just glad i’m on the upswing
i don’t do sick well

9 thoughts on “haiku friday – sick

  1. Glad you’re doing better…that is a blessing. When Mom’s sick, everything’s harder.

    i was feeling bad enough that i didn’t even really care what was going on the other side of my bedroom door. and that’s bad.

  2. Glad you are feeling better, and I surfing with symptoms is always really great for finding the worst possible unlikely and horribly scary case, isn’t it?

    my preferred method is to go directly to wiki, look up what i believe to be the worst possible thing i could have and see if my symptoms fit! and imagine, i’ve had no training!

  3. None of us seem to do sick well. I’m suffering from allergies and hating every sneeze and sniffle. Hope you are all better soon. I’ll take may allergie pills and survive. 🙂

    i hate being sick… thanks for the get well wishes!

  4. Great haiku. Glad you are feeling better. Your wiki/worst case scenario skills are awesome. Are you sure you are not my daughter?

    so many of us out there have this same talent!

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