what happens in bangkok stays in bangkok

darn that photographic evidence!

so just what did michael and s9 do in bangkok?  i’m only gonna share a little.  i’m hoping for a guest post from s9 to tell us the tales that go with these pics and the many others they took.

it appears they went to the restroom.  i believe that’s one stainless steel squaty potty.

they located and played with a cloning machine.

they took another potty break.  these would be plain ol’ lonely lookin’ generic urinals.

they participated in a most definitely not approved by mom activity.

they have said they would not have done this had they realized it was a no-no.  and in all fairness this behavior generally isn’t frowned upon in the states.

and managed to fit in another potty break.  this would be an absolutely disgusting and non mom approved regular ol’ nasty stainless steel toilet.

4 thoughts on “what happens in bangkok stays in bangkok

  1. That toilet is really nasty. That fountain looked perfectly play-in-able to me. So glad they had a good time.

    i agree with the nasty thing! “ewww” doesn’t really capture it! and it’s water shooting up from the ground. of course you play in it!!

    they had a great time! thanks.

  2. wow always the adventure I hope they washed their hands somewhere else that last potty

    i’m sure they did. michael has taken to carrying hand sanitizer with him everywhere!

  3. Okay…if they didn’t want you to play in it they should have put some kind of low surround around it. I mean, seriously!

    And eeeewwww gross potty!

    i’m thinking if they didn’t want it played in they shouldn’t have put it in at all!! i mean really!

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