it’s always salt

i know people have a difference of opinion on the use of salt or sugar on watermelon (salt), grapefruit (salt) and even tomato (salt – what can i say i’m a creature of habit.)  but i had no idea that people differed in their treatment of corn.

i’m of the opinion that salt should be a no brainer when it comes to corn – my real preference is black pepper, but for the purposes of this post (i don’t know what those purposes might be, but whatever) i’m sticking with the salt or sugar options.  but all kinds of things are done to corn here.  after it’s out of the can – or off the cob – they add butter (yum), sugar (huh?), sprinkles (?!?!), and then they might even serve it in and/or over ice cream.  really.

they’ve opened a new bud’s ice cream near us so today i treated c14 and a11 to a scoop.  and as much as i tried to convince them they would not order a scoop of corn or try the corn ice cream sundae.  (corn is on the tropical flavors menu. i had no idea corn was a tropical thing.)  i’m certain s9 would have given it a go.  he loves all things corn – especially when they make it sweet.  but he’s been in bangkok with michael today.

they took the train to bangkok last night.  just having a guys day together.  and the only details of the trip i’ve heard so far are that they had a good time and they got whistled at and a stern talking to from a security guard at some fountain michael encouraged s9 to play in.  i’m hoping it wasn’t this fountain –

fountain at chatuchak park

and i’m guessing it was this one –

fountain at siam paragon mall

they’re on the train back right now probably trying to perfect the “approved to tell mom” version of their day.

7 thoughts on “it’s always salt

  1. I hope they have a great time…I’m sure they will. You’re the only other person I know who salts watermelon. Woohoo. I’ve put sugar in the water if I boil corn, but never on it, always salt. As far as on top of ice cream? Um, no.

    really? until we moved to colorado i’d never met anyone who didn’t salt their watermelon!!

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  3. Um…ok…tropical…the state veggie of Iowa….hmmm…

    no sugar on any of the things you listed, only salt. Except for grapefruit…I prefer it with neither…

    I can only imagine the totally crazy fun those guys had in Bangkok!

    i don’t get the tropical corn thing, either… i can do grapefruit without, but prefer it with. but no sugar!! yuck!

  4. Salt on corn! It is definitely SALT.
    And BOTH of those fountains are gorgeous, though I’m sure he was just dipping his tootsies and not taking a dip. I hope. 😉

    glad to know others agree that the sugar thing is just wrong.

    he did take a run through the siam paragon fountain… and it seems you’re not supposed to.

  5. Ewww, they put corn in icecream!? that’s wrong.

    But equally – ewww, you put salt on watermelon and grapefruit!? wrong wrong wrong

    In the rules according to Sarah Bean.

    you can trust me – salt on both watermelon and grapefruit is the only way to go!!

    and corn in ice cream – ewww for sure!

  6. okay I have to say a little late SALT ON GRAPEFRUIT! YUCK! i dont put anything on it!

    SALT ON GRAPEFRUIT is amazing! i bet your grandmother eats it that way.

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