movin’, movin’, movin’ (not just yet)

we’re moving house in december. we paid a deposit yesterday. signed a contract for a year and we’ll move over the kids’ christmas break. i’m posting some pictures to compare the house we’re currently living in to the one we’ll be moving to.   i’ll post more pics of the new house after we’ve moved in.  cuz i won’t really consider it a done deal until then.


*****current view off balcony*****
we have a few neighbors. next door is a danish couple. it’s their vacation home so they aren’t there all that often. and across the street is a korean/american couple. and that’s it for neighbors here.

*****soon to be view off balcony*****
the majority of our new neighbors – maybe even all of them – will be thai. thais that speak thai.

*****current breezeway*****
this one is brighter and might appear larger

*****soon to be breezeway*****
this one is actually larger and it is far more charming

can’t wait to try out that shower head.  i think it will feel like i’m standing in a refreshing rain shower.  and the ceiling fan?  we don’t have them right now and i think they will come in handy.  there’s one in every room.

this is the front room.  it’s a very bright room and not just because of all the windows.  it also has 24 light bulbs in it.

i’m pretty excited.  we took a thai friend with us to help out with the thai speaking situation and she was wonderful.  i wish we could move tomorrow – but christmas break will be here before we know it.

11 thoughts on “movin’, movin’, movin’ (not just yet)

  1. Is that the “in town” house? Looks nice! I’m sure you’ll feel a lot more connected to the city, and I bet your Thai will improve rapidly too!

    yes, it is the “in town” house. it will be nice to not have to drive to get everywhere!!

  2. That is so great. Christmas will be there before you know it. The new house looks so light and bright. That’s wonderful. We have ceiling fans in every room but the kitchen and dining rooms. I love them. They make a huge difference. Your new home is beautiful. Congrats.

    thanks! we had ceiling fans in every room in the states and loved them. right now we have portable fans so we will be loaded with fans – blowing around everywhere! 😀

  3. I am so excited for you! It is lovely to be able to find a place that you want to be!

    i’m just hoping it’s as good as i think it will be!

  4. So fun I think it looks nice and to not have to drive everywhere will be great!

    yeah, but there is that actual move thing…

  5. Wow beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by my Kansas blog today 🙂

    thanks for visiting here!! i enjoyed your post – who knew there was so much to know about kansas! 😀

  6. I am so excited for you! You’re right, the move will be here before you know it.

    which means christmas will be here before we know it. and then the one year mark!!

  7. Oh Monica, it’s gorgeous! I’m so happy for you. You’ve got a breezeway!! That’s something I can aspire to. And that front room is jawdroppingly great. YAY!

    i’m counting down the days!!

  8. Oh thats great !! So happy for you! coffee next week? Tuesday? 🙂

    thanks, lillian! and yes to coffee next week. i’ll call or sms.

  9. awesome. looks like a beautiful place. looking forward to more pictures. happy for you guys, sounds like a great move for you all!

    i will share more pictures. i keep driving by to make sure the “for rent” sign hasn’t been put back out!

  10. I love your blog! It’s so great to read about people’s lives in different countries. My Danish husband and I (American) are living in Sweden right now – so I relate to being an expat. Ask your Danish neighbors if we can borrow the place. hahaha!

    i’m sure they’d gladly loan it out! 😉

    thanks for stopping by!

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