it won’t be long before we can solve this puzzle on our own

bright and early this morning michael and i were up and out the door.  we met some new friends and followed them to their church.  it is a brand, spankin’ new church.  and probably the biggest church we’ve seen in thailand.  and we managed to understand the entire sermon.  but don’t be too impressed, we had help.

at the other end of our radios was the husband of the family we came with.  he’s australian and fluent in thai.  i’m so jealous.  not because he’s australian.  it’s his thai speaking ability that i covet.

there was also a conference happening this weekend so we left between the service and the conference.  when we got outside we found this.

all of the orange ovals are cars.  the red one is our car.  and the green circle is a tree. look sort of familiar? but we got out.  how?

every car is in neutral without the parking brake engaged.  so we the nice fellows that were outside to help us just shoved the cars around.  moving them here and there like a puzzle.  until we freed our car.  but the only way we could get out was in reverse.  michael handled it brilliantly.

3 thoughts on “it won’t be long before we can solve this puzzle on our own

  1. You are definitely going to get good at that, living there. Do you take language lessons? If I remember right, I think you do, if so, how’s it coming? I think it would be really hard to learn Thai.

    we’ve been taking a break from the language lessons, but really need to get back at them. where we’ve been living we really don’t have to use it often. no neighbors around and such. makes it harder to practice, too! i’m going to work at reapply myself – it is hard, but very beneficial!

  2. Ok, the car thing cracks me up. And so did the guy on the truck. The improvisation around the world is just amazing!

    and i know that people have to think we’re absolutely nuts taking pictures off everything when it’s so normal to them!

  3. HI Monica,
    Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up under Thailand…your very own label! Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

    By the way, I love your diagram…very clever and quite illustrative!

    thanks, debbie! i think the blog around the world idea is brlliant!! so glad i found it!

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