wonder what kind of benefits he gets

a while ago pete posted about the job that he could not do because it’s way too scary.  and i agree high rise window washing is pretty scary.  but there’s a job i see done frequently here in thailand that i find to be about as scary as the window washing thing and most likely comes with a much smaller paycheck.  i don’t think the qualifications are many – i’m imagining it’s one of those low man on the totem pole kinda gigs.

we exited off the super highway behind this truck after we’d followed him at not what i consider cautionary speed over over passes and through road construction.  and, yes, the boxes he’s standing on are kind of slipping and sliding.

5 thoughts on “wonder what kind of benefits he gets

  1. so um, what is he actually doing? as in… it’s his job to make sure nothing falls off, or he’s just there coz there’s no room inside the vehicle? Good times.

    i believe he is keeping the stuff in. i’m not sure that if the driver has to brake hard how much stuff will stay in.

  2. OH I love pictures like this 🙂 btw.. I’d love to try this !

    we missed the best photo op today. we were driving by wararat and there were 3 black tubs lined up full of bubbles and one boy in each tub… gotta be better prepared.

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