haiku friday – eating out


in the u.s.a.
eating out was expensive
no everyday thing

not true in thailand
twice a day for thirty days
less than $400

the whole family
could eat lunch and dinner out
but not farang food


we haven’t actually tried this.  i’m not sure that we ever will, but it would mean only having to shop for breakfast groceries and that could be just cereal or toast and fruit.  that would mean no cooking.  none.  imagine.

but i would have to bake.  i couldn’t live without cookies.  or brownies.

10 thoughts on “haiku friday – eating out

  1. That is so foreign (get it) to me. I can’t imagine how cheap that is. My kids would so hate that. They do not like going out to eat. I guess that’s good, but it seems funny to me. They’d rather be here so they can play before/after. Plus, they’re picky about what they eat. They like Mom’s cooking best. At least in this economy that’s a good thing.

    my kids agree with your kids no matter where you are there’s nothing better than home cooking!

  2. Any word on the car? Thinking of you.

    sorry. yes the car is back. it’s still stuttering and what not, but we’re hoping that settles down and is just new engine stuff.

  3. ttttthhhhhhbbbbbbbpppppppp!!!!!!!!!!1

    Not only would I be broke but I would weigh 500lbs!!!

    yeah…how’s the car?

    there is that…

    car’s back. i’m not talking about it. i’m trying the positive reinforcement approach. it’s still stuttering and such, but it’s not getting any attention from me for that kind of behavior!

  4. I think I would get tired of eating out all the time.
    Thanks for stopping by my BATW yesterday!

    we would probably tire of the just having to go out constantly. some times it’s nice to eat dinner in your pj’s.

  5. I’d like to try getting tired of going out all the time. Hubby and I do go out a lot, and it is expensive, but I tell myself we deserve it — but I think it really boils down to me just being lazy and him being a good guy.
    Glad you car is still running —

    we ate out quite a bit in the states, too. but here, we really could eat out cheaper than we can cook in – especially when cooking in means western style!!

  6. Eating out here (Philippines) is affordable to some people. I eat out alot!

    Happy Friday!

    the really nice thing is that if i don’t feel like cooking – it’s no problem!

  7. Mmm, I love eating out! If it was affordable, I’d probably do more of it, too. Happy snacking. 🙂

    if we get the new house we will be within walking distance of many food stalls. right now we have to drive and i find that to be a pain!

  8. But is it as GOOD as McDonalds? Good as in tasty…not healthy. 🙂

    actually, yes. i’ve discovered i really enjoy thai food, alot. and fried rice has become my stand by – sort of my thai comfort food.

  9. It’s true. Not ever so easy on the pocketbook to eat out in the USA! (or in Holland for that matter)

    it’s amazing how easily i could justify eating out in the states! but here i don’t have to. it’s pretty nice!

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