in less than an hour

you can get a new knee.  my mom’s knee replacement surgery was 52 minutes long.  i hope that was long enough to make it really, really bionic.

she’s doing well.

3 thoughts on “in less than an hour

  1. Yes, I am home from the hospital. Didn’t reach my expectations (mostly unrealistic) – had to go out of the hospital on a walker. Knee is truly bionic – however, I will have to wait several years for the bullet shooting boobies – seems like there are a lot of wrinkles to be ironed out – some fatal to the patient, loved ones and absolute strangers. Maybe that will be ready for your generation. Love Mom

    too bad about the boobies. but glad you didn’t do it just for the cool factor. would hate for you to be turning a corner and accidentally/fatally bump into someone.

    i think leaving the hospital on a walker is okay. michael says he will not be throwing and fake lizards at you. he’s worried about your new abilities with the knee! 😀

  2. He should be worried – this time I can chase him!:) – and catch him 🙂 When i can sit longer in the chair, I will get on line with you.

    and then you can knee him with your titanium knee!

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