blog action day – poverty

i blog for compassion international.  no, really i do.  once a month they send out an assignment and i try to write about it.  this is the first month i’ve actually done it.  and this month’s assignment isn’t directly related to compassion.  october 15 – that’s today – is blog action day and compassion has asked us to do a post for blog action day.  when i registered my blog there were 8,700+ blogs already registered to participate.

here’s the what of blog action day

On October 15th bloggers everywhere will publish posts that discuss poverty in some way. By all posting on the same day we aim to change the conversation that day, to raise awareness, start a global discussion and add momentum to an important cause.

and here’s the why

Every blogger has a unique voice, audience and perspective. By speaking to their readers on topic about an important issue we can discuss global issues like poverty in a new and hugely multi-faceted way. And from discussion springs action.

i feel somewhat unqualified to write about poverty.  i’ve never been poor.  even though there were times i sure felt like it.  weeks at a time when i couldn’t afford a starbucks.  i had to eat a sandwich at home for lunch instead of joining friends for lunch out.  i really felt like i was doing without.  but i do know that wasn’t poverty.  it wasn’t even suffering.  we had a roof over our head, clothes on our back, food on the table and gas in the car and coffee in the coffee pot.

i am ashamed to have even thought we were going without.

5 thoughts on “blog action day – poverty

  1. I’m not sure many people in our country have ever experience true poverty. It makes you think. thanks.

    i know there are those that have, but there are also plenty more who consider themselves impoverished not even realizing all that they have!!

  2. You’re so right Monica… those of us who have food and clothes and a house over our heads are the lucky ones..
    I’m blogging about this too!

    i think it’s a sign of wealth when we no longer recognize the blessings we have!

  3. I said to hubby last night as I got into bed and stretched out on my lovely comfy matress, under the smooth sheets and warm duvet, “Aren’t we lucky to sleep in a nice, warm, big bed?” I feel lucky everyday. And night.

    i’m working on recognizing these blessings more often.

  4. I “met” you yesterday via SITS, and I’m back today! I also blogged about BAD for Compassion. Was it just me? or did you only receive your “assignment” late yesterday? Kinda made me laugh since we’ve known about the Blog-a-thon for weeks, but I had to pull together inspired words on such an important topic at the last minute. Maybe Heather and Tiffany should be in charge over at Compassion 🙂

    very short notice on the compassion blogger assignment. and i almost didn’t do the post because i struggled to get it together so quickly!!

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