i don’t think it’s really a secret…

this summer i stumbled across the secret is in the sauce.  (stumbled as in came upon accidentally not that other stumble thing that’s all the rage lately.)  it’s a lovely come as you are community created for the sole purpose of discovering other blogs and having other folks discover yours.  it’s all about sharing the love!

five of the blogs i’ve become attached to through s.i.t.s. are –

stretch marks – i didn’t really find this blog through s.i.t.s..  i found s.i.t.s. through this blog.  melissa makes me laugh.  alot.  and i figured if she found a cult worthy of joining i should find my way in, too.

nanny goats in panties – i love this blog.  and it’s even better because my kids call my mom nanny and my mom calls here sister nanny goat.  so i sort of picture the two of them hanging around in their panties everytime i visit.

maternal mirth – she makes me laugh.  alot.  and i like to laugh alot.  it’s more than mirth.  it’s roflmao.  or maybe mirth is more than roflmao.  whichever is more that’s what it is.

spunkyteddygraham – her internet sucks.  my internet sucks.  that’s more than i have in common with my twin brother – if you rule out the dna, 20 years of living together and all that kinda stuff.

party of five – we’re a party of five.  they’re a party of five.  but they’re funnier than we are.

27 thoughts on “i don’t think it’s really a secret…

  1. I’m off to check this out now! Thanks for the tip.

    no problem. it’s a little addictive and a huge time suck. but i’ve got nothing else sucking my time right now so…

  2. Yeah! I love having new blogs to check out. Thanks. Now, um, could you find me another hour in the day to devote to my blogging obsession?

    as soon as i find it i’ll let you know!

  3. I am not doing a SITS post today as I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.

    i will – how could i not check out a blogger named laura ingalls gunn?

  4. what about boy blogs… seems like “stretch marks” just doesnt resonate with me…

    hmmm…. well, i don’t know if there is such a thing as a boy sitsah… which is what they call their cult members participants…

  5. Loved your SITS post. I must check out some of your other stuff! I noticed “Without Wax” in your blog roll. Love that guy!

    welcome! i agree, pete’s pretty cool!

  6. Shhhh…I’ll make sure I tell EVERYONE! SITS rocks!!

    I have to bookmark you and come back!

    shhhh… it might be too late to keep it secret.

  7. Happy Blog-a-thon! Wow! I didn’t expect to be in anyone’s link love today, being so new and all! But thank you so much for the link love. This blog-a-thon thing today is insane!!!!!

    you’re most welcome!! thanks for making me laugh.
    it’s my bedtime – hate to go to bed during all this fun…

  8. happy blogathon! this is really going to be a very long day… what a fun idea – now if I could hire someone else to do all the typing I could enjoy the reading more!

    oh, good idea. ghost commenters and responders!!

  9. I can’t believe it’s already after noon!! I should just give up on work and call it a SITS day…

    i know. it’s after midnight here!

  10. Okay, we are dying that you crossed out “cult members” for SITSahs… hysterical.

    Thanks for supporting the cult… we mean SISTAHOOD!

    just callin’ them as i see them! it is a wonderful site. i don’t spend as much time there as i would like, but anytime i want to find some new blogs to take a look at i always turn to s.i.t.s.!!

  11. Oh, there are rumored to be “BITS,” the male equivalent of a SITSta.

    Thanks for the welcome. I’m another one of Melissa’s adoring fans!

    bits?? who knew. maybe we can get some verification of that rumor!

  12. I love that quilt too!!! hehe! I entered & need to post a pic too! 🙂

    thanks to SITS I have found SO many new people today! this is so great.

    I will be back, adding you to my tag list!

    wonder if our family members will appreciate our new finds today!!

    i can’t believe she’s giving that quilt away!! it’s wonderful.

  13. Looks like you have some great links- I’ll be checking them (and you) out more when I have a little more time.

    my kids have a three day weekend and are on fall break next week – i’m thinking all the blogs i want to visit might result in a bit of negligent parenting…

  14. Oh groovy, I will pop on over and have a look at these 🙂

    it’s an illness. you’ll just be popping over and then you’ll pop somewhere else and then you’ll do it again and then it will be midnight and you won’t remember how you got where you are.

  15. SITS is so addictive, they should have a warning label.

    Thanks for the nod, sweets 🙂

    shouldn’t they?? it’s 2 (or is it 3?) days later and i’m still going on this blog-a-thon!

  16. Hope that you had a lovely SISTA day!! Please forgive the fact that I am only now just getting around 😛

    no problems. i have yet to finish getting around!!

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