becoming the bionic woman

my mom’s having knee replacement surgery 12 hours ago this morning (the time difference can confuse things).  she will be having her tired and worn out mere human knee replaced with an exact replica – only better – titanium knee.  pretty cool.  and they’re gonna make her walk on it like the very same day or maybe the very next morning.  that’s how bionic it is.

i think if she has an option as to what to make bionic next she should choose boobies that shoot bullets.  that could be handy.

7 thoughts on “becoming the bionic woman

  1. Very handy in deed. I hope it all goes well. My mom had that surgery and refused to walk for a week afterward–NOT a good idea. She still does not have the mobility she could have.

    my mom is usually pretty good with following doctors orders, so i expect it to be a great recovery. especially since they have a trip here planned for jan.

  2. Maybe instead of bullets she could have phasers like in star trek…then she could set them to the level of destruction necessary!

    i like it, but am wondering just where would the dial be that would control that??

  3. I know your Mom, trust me, she don’t need no stinkin bullet shootin boobies!!! Have you ever seen one of her “looks”?

    Hope your house thing works out! I would like to see some pix of it, and some pix of your neighborhood…..



    yes, i seem to remember getting one or two of those looks in my lifetime… scary aren’t they. bullets would seem like cotton balls in comparison!!

    i will post pics as soon as i take some.

  4. dr. sanders? hoping the new knee works well! good luck to her!

    no, she decided to return to baylor. she has history with them. she had no problems with dr. sanders.

  5. good to hear! I hope all went well with the knee surgery how long will she be in the hospital?

    she gets out on friday. my dad is supposed to email me and give me an update…

  6. My dad needs a knee replacement as well and he’s been putting it off forever! Hope your mom is up and running in no time. They really do make them get up and walk right away. It’s amazing!

    she had to go to knee replacement school before the surgery and she’s such a stickler for following the doctor’s orders that i can only imagine she will do great!!

    recovery isn’t what it used to be… or at least so i’ve heard!

  7. Oh I want boobies that shoot bullets! I feel like I’m missing out now.

    she says she’s gonna ask her dr if he knows anyone who can perform that surgery. it might take some kind of specialist.

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