a house? maybe

we looked at a house today. it’s a lovely house. we didn’t take a camera with us, so no pictures, but trust me. lovely. it has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms a kitchen with more space than i have now and the tile work is white and yellow – so very bright.  it has a bigger yard and more patio space.  there’s a lovely breezeway upstairs.  and it feels very “thai”.  or at least much more “thai” than the western style house we are in right now.  and michael can pretend to be harry potter since we’d stuff him under the stairs to work. and it’s right where we would like to be located. walking distance to school, to church, to wawee. and it’s in our price range. we meet with the landlord again next monday. i’ll take a camera so i can share pictures.

moving to this house would mean lots of changes. most good, but some challenging. we could get many places on foot or bike. both would be lovely. it would be much easier to get a songthaew or tuktuk. we’d be much more immersed in the culture. there are several western families in the neighborhood, but many more thais.   flooding is not uncommon in that area of town, but the property has been built up – it’s the highest ground around.  i’m pretty sold on this house.  praying it works out.

and in other news:

we have had the car back. i know, that’s not new. but the stuttering and stammering it’s doing, well, that’s new. and i think uncalled for. so we’ve deposited the car back with the mechanic to give it a once over.

6 thoughts on “a house? maybe

  1. Both got camera stories today eh?

    All the best with the house!

    i do think the coffee bathing thai girls might be a bit more photo opportunity miss, we can return to the house, but how often do you see that??

  2. New potential house sounds nice! Nothing is more important than living somewhere where you feel at home…

    that is so true! the new house has more of a homey feel. and i didn’t think of this until a moment ago, but it also has a place to put an oven. which might be something to consider in the future and would be a huge bonus!!

  3. That’s so exciting I hope it all works out. An oven? Woohoo!

    So sorry about the car. I hate cars! That is while acknowledging how much easier they make my life and how much trouble I would be in without mine. shhhh…hope it didn’t hear. Good luck.

    i know. an oven!! i can’t even imagine after a year without…

    and the car has me doing the whole love hate thing (more hate than not right now). the new place will be way easier to get around with out a car… hoping, hoping!!

  4. anytime you replace an engine in a car it takes a little tweaking to get it all tuned in. The new motor just has to get used to how you drive!!! It is probably thinking “what the *&$%(%$ (Thai for “heck”) is this lady doing – driving like an American?”
    The mechanic is probably downloading “Tips on revving for American drivers” into the car’s computer right now!

    i hope that’s what it is. just some tweaking… and really, i’m the best driver in all of thailand. maybe not the best thai driver…

  5. wow a new home! how exciting cant wait for the pictures

    i’ll take some next monday!! trying not to get my hopes up!

  6. can’t wait to see the pictures. It sounds promising. Living closer to the “things” would make your life a lot easier.

    i know. it would be wonderful!

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