“it’s gonna be yes or it’s gonna be no”

“we made the decision before we ever got on the show that it’s gonna be yes or it’s gonna be no”  some guy said that on the amazing race this season.  that is so the way i like to make decisions.

since moving into this house i’ve been hesitant to make it home.  i have hung nothing on the walls.  painted nothing.  put up or out – whichever-  no personal effects.  i’ve been trying to give it a very temporary feel.  not because i think we’ll be headed back to the states, but because i’ve thought i’d like to live in town.  where the hip and happening stuff, well, happens.  and now we’re to the put up of shut up time.  and i’m not sure…  the appeal of town still calls, but we’d trade alot.  we might not be able to find as big of a house.  and there’s more noise, much more noise, in town.  and things just feel safer out here.  plus there’s a pool.  actually, there’s two pools.  the big pay to use pool and the smaller, prettier, handier no charge pool.  we’re pretty sure that even if we can find the bigger pay to use pool,  there’s no way we’re gonna find the handier no charge pool.  so, what to do, what to do?

and that’s where we are.  i’m thinking maybe we can delay the decision by 6 months.  wait until school is out next summer, but i’m pretty sure that if i say let’s stay 6 more months  i’ll be saying let’s stay here forever.  or until we move.  which ever comes first.

7 thoughts on ““it’s gonna be yes or it’s gonna be no”

  1. Good luck. I hate making decisions. I’m the kind of person who weighs the pros and cons…endlessly. What do the kids want to do? Just curious. Not that that should be the deciding factor. Again, good luck.

    they’re sort of torn, too. they like being out here. they’ve started to settle, but they also know it’s harder to see their friends because we live out here… i fear that there’s no perfect answer.

  2. OMG-I laughed, and laughed, and laughed til I cried in response to your “cooked livers” comment on Melissa’s blog about the Mommy Confessions. Hilarious!!

    it is good we can laugh at our parenting foibles.

  3. there is no price for quieter area… as much as i love this house in CO… i REALLY miss our ‘quiet’ setting by the mountains. more in tune with nature feeling… we had to drive everywhere and people hated coming ‘ALL the way over there’ and we were 3.5 miles from the highway.

    something to be said to be closer to everything, i understand… i am torn too. but, hey, the market is crap. so, i’m gettin’ to like where i am.

    contentment is good.

    go for the gut feeling.

    i agree with the no price for a quieter area… but it’s the whole driving everywhere no one wants to come see us thing…

    i wish my gut would yell at me.

  4. I hate living out where no one else that would even try to be social with us lives…I say there is no harm in looking for something new…just looking…if you find something you really like in a safe place with what you want for amenities then you can make a decision from there…

    we’re gonna look. we have one to check out that’s within walking distance of the school and the church and the coffee shop and a great market… sounds promising.

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