haiku – lack of email


if i unsubscribed
newsletters and mailing lists
i’d get no email

not exactly true
ten from family and friends
in the past 6 weeks

i shouldn’t complain
i haven’t done much better
shouldn’t be surprised

12 thoughts on “haiku – lack of email

  1. i am so bad at it too I am sorry I should take more time to slow down, I do think about you! and still miss you

    no need to feel bad. i’m no better. it’s just one of the costs of the move.

  2. Me, too. I just usually wait and catch you on im. But I will be better. However, I won’t be better next week since I will be in the hospital with no internet since I have no lap top. Love, Mom

    that’s too bad… emailing under the influence of prescribed medication could be fun!

  3. I know it’s not the same, and not what you’re talking about, but I’ve emailed you a few times, are you getting them? Let me know.

    yes!!! i have several in my spam file… which i have moved and informed the internets you’re not spam!

  4. The only emails I get are from comments on my blog! I probably spend too much time on the phone with my family and friends for them to email me!

    when i log on in the morning i find myself debating – do i look at the blog first or email – because i want to read my comments on my blog not in email…

  5. I find email received is directly proportional to email sent. That’s why I rarely receive email. Except from my mom. “Where are you? Write me. Love, Mom”.

    i know that’s true. but when a gal is on a whinging roll she’s just got to keep on rolling!

  6. What the heck is your e-mail address? I’ll shoot you one or two occassionally……sheesh!

    Oh, BTW…nice Haiku……


    thanks. i wonder if there’s money in haikus? i’ll email my email…

  7. Oh, I have the same problem. I tease my family often that it must be hard, being in full body traction and all. At least that’s all I can figure must be happening for the lack of news in my inbox!

    ~jenn in holland

    maybe it was a large scale accident and my family is in traction, too. now i feel guilty for suggesting anything else!

  8. Thanks, good to know. Have a great weekend.

    no problem. there were a few other tidbits in my spam box. i would have been horrified had there been 100s of emails from friends and family!!

  9. I have to step it up on my emailing as well. Thanks for the reminder.

    i know. it’s one of those things that can so easily lose it’s priority.

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