it’s like reality tv, only better – and it’s a blog

pilgrims’ progress.  this blog has caused all kinds of wonderlust to bubble up in me.  i am so glad they are blogging it and can’t wait to read more of their amazing journey.

**the rest of this post has nothing to do with the above website**

just wanted to update that, yes, i did make it to the grocery this morning.  and dinner’s in progress.  and i managed to leave my keys at the grocery.  so i’ll have to get back there.  and back here.  which really isn’t so bad because it means i can have lunch out and grab a coffee for the trip home!  (look at me all finding that silver lining!)  and i even have a braces silver lining.  i can say don’t get all up in my grill and mean it.  i came up with that on my own.  shocking, isn’t it?  and, please, no one burst my bubble by telling me i’m not the first…

4 thoughts on “it’s like reality tv, only better – and it’s a blog

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does things like that! lol. Hope life is back to normal soon–whatever normal is.

    even better – they were in my bag. i just missed them. i was on my way to retrieve them when i found them… i was just glad to have them.

  2. We left for cape cod this morning and discovered that the keys are at home on the dresser!

    oops!! well at least you don’t need them to get in the rental 😀

  3. yay-glad they were in your bag…but did you get coffee?

    you better believe i got coffee. an error on my part does not mean i’m punished. i’m the mom. i get what i want. rarely, but sometimes.

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