whinge: [hwinj, winj]

how i love that word.  i think it’s the added “j” sound on the end.  it seems to be so fitting.  so complaining that “j”.

and what do i have to whinge about?  just last saturday i had wine and real wisconsin cheese.  today i had a mani/pedi – my first one since moving to thailand.  we’ve got food on our table and everyone’s healthy.  what complaints could i possibly have? handily enough i have a list.

  1. having to depend on songthaews and tuk tuks to get around is getting old.  fast.  it means i’m out the door super early and don’t return home until way too late.  with lots of time sitting around in between.
  2. i’m tired.  getting out the door super early means getting up and ready rediculously early.
  3. language.  in the past few days i’ve managed to get 75% of the drivers i’ve had to deposit me in the wrong location.  and one was left with the impression my husband had died.
  4. rugby game.  i was unable to get a ride to c14’s first rugby game.  which also meant i was left at the school waiting – with a11 and s9 – for him to return from his game.  we got home after 7p.  we left before 7a.  (it could be argued that this is just an example of #1, but i think it’s worthy of it’s own line.)
  5. the fact that i am able – with no extra effort – to store an entire meals worth of food in my teeth.  and rice fits nicely in the brackets.  and i live in asia where rice is a staple.

the common thread of most of my whinging is the lack of a car.  it is much easier to get around with out a car here than it would be in the states.  at least the areas i lived in – they did a poor job of the whole public transportation thing.  but it’s still limiting to be dependent on songthaews and tuk tuks.  tomorrow night is the dinner get together/party thing.  i’ve got nothing for it.  i’ll have to make an early morning grocery run.  i think i’ve worked out how i’ll get there – it’s the getting back that might be more difficult.

but for tonight i shall think happy thoughts and go to bed.

10 thoughts on “whinge: [hwinj, winj]

  1. I’m dead? I don’t think the place I was at today looked like heaven. Crud.

    so, is that how you think of yourself? just a casual observer of my life?? hmmm. well, it was too difficult to correct her. it was awful.

  2. Why don’t you just hire a tuk tuk on a daily basis? It’s a lot easier if you have a lot of running around to do…that’s what I used to do anyway, and you can get them fairly inexpensively as they are guaranteed money for the day rather than looking for customers. Oh…and that way he knows where you live, no going to the wrong place!

    Nice orange toes! 🙂

    i know. i’ve thought of it several times. or really i should just build a relationship with one so i can call when i need a ride somewhere…

    and i’ve already scraped the tip of my big toe – for shame!

  3. You have beautiful toes. Wow! I would be exhausted by now too. I’d be doing some serious whining also. Hang in there, I’m sure you just get these bumps when you make major changes. Hope tomorrow is fun.

    it is all cultural adjustment. and i’m pretty good at rolling with the punches, but i’m ready for the punches to stop. now.

    i’ve got dinner in the crockpot and potatoes cookin’ for potato salad. it’s a very good start!

  4. I love the orange 🙂

    Seriously miss you today!

    miss you, too. i was telling the tale of the broken foot the yesterday… made me laugh and cry.

  5. Lol, at the dead husband thing…did he give you a free ride then?

    no, i ended up paying about 5 times too much. it was mortifying. she asked me if i worked in chaing mai and i said no, my husband does. and she got very serious and told me she knew all about that because her husband had died 11 yrs ago. it’s very hard to be a widow… i felt like it would be insensitive to correct her…

  6. Well if you have pretty toes, life can’t be *all* bad. Except for the part where you already messed them up. That’s uncool. 🙂
    But you are getting your car back, and all will be back to normal and then you can whinge about the traffic and take pictures of people doing unsafe things. While you are driving. 🙂

    pretty toes do make life better! i do have my camera at the ready while i’m driving. you never know when you might need it!

  7. You do need a driver that you can count on. It does make it nice for grocery and kid runs. Do any of the expat women there have drivers? They can usually give you the name of a good one.

    Side note – do the locals LOVE your crockpot? The women here think it’s the greatest invention since the knife.

    i think it’s more common to have a driver in bangkok. but most know a tuktuk or songthaew driver who they can call when they need. we’re working on that!

    and my maebaan is pretty impressed by the crockpot. she’s never here when it’s done cooking, but i’ve saved her some a few times to sample. i love the crockpot and the rice cooker!!

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