carless, again… and other things

the lack of an engine has left our car in an unusable condition.  and the replacing of the engine has caused it to be at another location – you know, the garage.  so, once again, i’m carless.  and again michael’s gone.  i know – i said he’d be here for 2 months.  what i really meant was he’d be in thailand for 2 months.  he’s free to travel hither and yon within the borders of the kingdom.  and it’s really more 6 weeks instead of 2 months, but whatever.

i could use a trip to the grocery store – there are very few remnants left from junk food weekend and it might not hurt to serve up something not from a jar or a can.  getting to the grocery store really isn’t such a big deal.  it could be made so much easier if it would stop raining.  but the rain keeps it cool and i do own an umbrella.  and at some point i will make the trek.

and there’s a possibly/maybe dinner gathering at our house on thursday.  dinner gatherings are something i rather enjoy, but that means all planning and arranging and gathering must be done sans car.  not that i can’t plan without a car…

braces are a pain in the patootie.  i think i may have mentioned this, but it bears repeating (cuz i’m a winer) – eating is difficult and they hurt.

right now i’m keeping myself afloat with the sweet memory of wisconsin cheese.  saturday night i had some real wisconsin cheese.  i didn’t realize how not great the cheese is here until i had the real stuff.

and if you’re scratching your head wondering how everything in this post fits together.  you can stop.  it doesn’t.  i’m blaming it on the braces and the cheese fog.

4 thoughts on “carless, again… and other things

  1. Awww, bum. Will they get less painful as time goes on?

    i hear they do. and then the ortho will tighten the wires and the pain returns… i just keep thinking it will be worth it!

  2. Take cajillions of Advil. It won’t ease it completely, but it does help. So, so sorry about the car. Yuck. I think if you choose to walk to the grocery store in the rain you deserve a medal. I’d be looking the cans over one more time. Hope things get better soon.

    i’m working on the advil. it definitely takes the edge off!!

    i didn’t walk to the grocery store. i took a nap instead – after discovering a can of refried beans. i figured that was good enough!

  3. If we were in CO I would go to the store with you and we could get coffee on the way and stop at Target and Hobby Lobby to cruise for clearance items and yarn.

    So sorry that your mouth hurts so bad!

    if we were in colorado we’d keep the wine flowing, too!!

  4. braces, milkshake diet works quite well!

    but ice cream isn’t the most slimming. and i’m counting weight loss as a positive side effect of the braces!! 😀

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