while the cat’s away…

the mice will play.

and play they did.  (click the picture to get the details.)

winey, winey, winey (tsk, tsk, tsk – head shake, head shake, head shake.  are you feeling the disappointment?) – you should know they could never hide the evidence.  they’re not that good!

3 thoughts on “while the cat’s away…

  1. i am sure this is what B will do in two weeks when I go by myself to visit Nathaniel and Alexander!

    just don’t think about it! ignorance is bliss has never been truer 😀

  2. Oh goodness!
    Um, that stuff is seriously not called *Prego* is it? Do you end up looking pregnant after you eat too much of it?

    i’d never put the prego and being preg-o together! good one. it probably wouldn’t take much to get the whole prego look going! (it is pronounced pray go, you know fancy and italian. like all things in cans)

  3. Oh no I wasn’t telling them to hide the evidence…just minimize the destruction when mom comes home to find the tell tale orange powder everywhere…

    ok. i knew i had to be mistaken! just trying to help a guy out, right?

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