there’s nothing going on here

absolutely nothing.  michael’s returned from hong kong.  the kids are humming along in school right now.  my teeth have stopped hurting – at least until tuesday when the bottoms go on.

there was a book exchange at school.  a one for one exchange.  brilliant – i’ve got 17 all new-to-me books.  many are books and authors i’ve never heard of.

and i’ve had a most embarassing medical condition pop up.  requiring a trip to hospital.  (well, turns out it wasn’t really required, but i didn’t know that at the time.)

and i’ve now lost a total of 37 pounds or 16.78 kilos or 2.64 stones since we moved to thailand.  (who on earth would ever choose to measure weight loss in stones?)

7 thoughts on “there’s nothing going on here

  1. I’ve been worried about you. Glad the teeth aren’t hurting…at least for now. That’s very exciting about the book exchange. I love to read, but I read so quickly it can be hard to find new things to read.

    So sorry about the trip to the hospital. Hope things are better.

    Congrats on the weight loss.

    Take care of yourself.

    thanks, mom24. it’s been kind of interesting with nothing to write about… it’s felt kind of “normal”

  2. Thanks for popping in! Made me feel loads better …until I read about the medical!

    medical schmedical… it’s one you would have loved! (not to experience, but to witness. well maybe not actually witness, but you know…)

  3. Hello? The weight loss? Is not “nothing?! Congrats!

    you’re right. the weight loss is not nothing! i am quite proud of that!! thanks.

  4. Pounds sounds so much more impressive than either kilos or stones. As an RD in hospitals most of the time we use kilos and I just could never get used to thinking of myself as a 60 something! Or the 300+ patients

    and it is so much more motivational to be able to use pounds. of course, if you’re talking measurements, then it’s centimeters all the way!! 😀

  5. Ok, I hit enter a little prematurely, so as I was saying…

    Or the 300+ patients as as 136 since that’s about what I weigh!

    oh, but if i weight 300+ i would certainly prefer to hear my weight in kilos!!

  6. Okay. Now you HAVE to tell us what the medical condition was.
    Glad you are okay. 🙂

    it’s the kind of medical condition that takes courage to talk about. i mean i can put pictures of my bras on the interwebs, but talk about my ….., well that’s a whole ‘nother thing!!

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