that’s permanently attached

today i met a friend for a massouchage and lunch.  since moving to thailand i’ve had a few foot massages,  but today i was feeling brave.  ready to take the next step.  i felt ready for the whole shebang.  (it might not really have been the whole shebang, but it included my buttocks – so i’m thinking that’s pretty close to the whole shebang.)

the foot part was quite lovely.  not as painful as others have been.  i don’t think i grimaced once while she pulled my toes and poked my heel and dug her thumb into that ultra delicate spot right behind my knee – i can actually say i enjoyed it.  and it had me feeling pretty optimistic when she directed me to lay down on my stomach on a mat.  that’s when i was accosted.  elbows were used.  feet and knees.  and thumbs.  at one point she tried to pop my head off my neck and when that didn’t work she tried to twist it off and pry it off and yank it off.  and she twisted my body so my upper torso was facing the opposite direction of my lower torso.  no easy feat, but she managed.  and then she gave one more go at the popping off of the head.

about the time i had absorbed all the brutality i could take she did a lovely scalp massage.

so lovely i think i’ll go back and do it all again next week.

9 thoughts on “that’s permanently attached

  1. I hope it was much lovelier than it sounds! Ouch! I am too shy for massages–it’s taken me a while to acknowledge that, but I finally have. I just can’t stand to have a stranger touch me. Where I get my haircut they do a scalp massage with the haircut and it about makes me crazy! Glad you enjoyed. Did you feel refreshed?

    i did feel better after. and i’m very glad i didn’t get the same treatment my husband did when he had a thai massage. he had to strip down to his skivvies!!

  2. ummm, the wrong twist of the head and *pop* it comes permanently off, or at least disconnected from the spine…
    not sure i’d go back… does she have a clue what she’s doing?
    *feeling worried down here*
    mwah X

    no need to worry. trained professionals at work. it’s supposed to feel that way!!

  3. My last massage was deep tissue and I made the mistake of saying go almost as hard as you can….I think she bruised a kidney! But I was absolutely and totally relaxed…as I can be anyway!

    i wasn’t relaxed, but i was recharged!

  4. Apparently the massage has left you feeling so relaxed that you are completely off line now too!!! Where are you?!?!?

    i’m alive and well. just nothing going on. so sad.

  5. Don’t call me, I’m as worried as you are. Haven’t heard a word.

    i’m alive! no need to worry…

  6. Sounds like the Chinese masochistic massage I used to get in Taiwan! Some kinda bone scrapy thing to dig at you that made it feel like razorblades were being shoved through your veins and literally turned you black and blue, but you know what? I felt GREAT afterwards!

    i was left with a few bruises, but did feel great so i’m gonna give it another go!

  7. sounds awesome. i am so jealous. i have been dying for a good massage. i have had to resort to a pedicure once every 6 months.

    not too bad. i appreciated it much more after than during!

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