**updated** scraped away

almost a year ago i wrote about how s9 (then s8) was trying to usurp c14’s (then c13’s) birthplace.  i even had an exhibit.  it looked like this.

photo relabeled to reflect my inability to stick with the same pseudonym per person. (notice, i have kept mine the same. and michael’s isn’t so much a pseudonym anymore.  it’s really more his real name.)

this family sticker grouping was left behind in colorado, with the lovely family we entrusted our minivan to.  i figured they would love being able to look out the rear window and see chalk outline reminders of us. almost like we’d never moved.

on michael’s recent trip to colorado he visited with this family.  and he visited our van.  and brought me back a picture.

isn’t that interesting?

we’re gone.  wiped out.  scraped away.  it’s shocking.

i think with a little effort they could have made it work for their family, and not just the dogs. there are a few changes that would need to be made, but with a little creativity and sacrifice, it could be done.

  • they’ve only one boy.  two of the stickers represent boys.  but one of those stickers was mostly missing and could easily have become a girl.  with a little fingernail polish or even white out.
  • they’re a family of 6.  we’ve only 5.  but their oldest two girls are twins.  they shared a womb for 9 months.  they could share a sticker.  i’m a twin and at 14 i would have been so cool with this idea.  (after if i ever got over the totally un-coolness of the family sticker on the back window of the van.)

here’s an example of how it could have been.  they might have changed things up a bit.  given the twins a cute pair of crop pants to wear or something like that.  but you’ll get the idea.

**updated** there’s a new ending to this tale (it includes their side of the story, too)…  you can find it at findingmywayout…  they’re the best!

7 thoughts on “**updated** scraped away

  1. They really missed the boat. Your rendition is perfect. I may be off base, but {{{Hugs}}} for all you’re missing

    it’s funny, because when i was driving that van everyday i had some complaints. like it was too small, it didn’t have this feature or that feature, etc… but now that we’ve been seperated i love that van. it’s the perfect van!!

    of course, it’s probably a happier van, too. it’s much better cared for. the new family are related to car people!!

  2. Ok, we are the family entrusted (blessed) by the van, and now we see the error of our ways, we did actually have a HUGE discussion before the scrapping off the family mainly a11’s bff who was for the record against this! If it helps to know we were all silent as you were taken off…..ok and maybe we cried a little.
    We also left the bird hanging from the windshield it makes me think of you. WE are thinking of ways to make this up to you check my blog tuesday for the solution! WE love you guys! Remember we told mike we would gladly give it back (the van) and even replace the people if you would only come back to colo. springs!

    i have no doubt it was difficult. and i do feel much better knowing that you were the correct amount of reverent – with a few tears thrown in – during the ceremony. you did have a ceremony, right? graham officiated? please tell me it wasn’t really a party. with dancing and stuff…

    miss you guys!! and when it comes to replacing the people, where do you get just feet?? 😀

    and let the bff know, we appreciate her loyalty!!

  3. This is A.P. and T.P. and while we think your idea is clever!!! Our parents all ways told us to be individuals!! lol

    i know. but it’s the sacrifice i was talking about. i mean if i’d be willing to do the same with my twin and he’s a boy… really, take one for the team!! 😀

    and i’m most honored by your comment presence!!

  4. Wow! Nice haircut on the twins! And those shoulders! Those were meant for some blockin’ and tacklin’.

    hey, now!! i was drawing shoulders for two!! and the hair. well, now you know why i hate to cut yours!!

  5. Lullibell was very sad when the outline family went away but she totally got it after sharing some tears with Bff!

    poor lullibell. glad she had someone to share it with!! a11 wants to set up a time to chat with her.

  6. there was a sighting of this so-called family van. stetson hills and powers last friday around noon. my mom and I saw it as we patrolled the parking lot in search of food. it was unmistakenly stripped of evidence its previous family. apple sticker well pronounced.

    you saw it? it’s sad, isn’t it? oh, so sad. but i hear the new family is loving it and i do know they are good people.

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